Is Gabby Windey Dating? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Gabby Windey, an alumnus of the hit reality show “The Bachelor” and one of the stars of the double-lead “The Bachelorette,” has had quite a journey in the limelight. The American television personality initially gained recognition on season 26 of The Bachelor, reaching the finals alongside Rachel Recchia.

After her impactful stint on The Bachelor, she was announced as one of the leads for the following season of The Bachelorette, marking a significant first in the show’s history. The presence of two leads in one season was a new concept that allowed Gabby and co-star Rachel to share their journey towards love with audiences.

From Bachelor to Bachelorette and Beyond

Gabby’s experience on The Bachelorette brought her personal life to the forefront. She found love with Erich Schwer, and the couple even got engaged. Unfortunately, their relationship ended, and they confirmed their breakup in November 2022.

Her journey didn’t stop there. Gabby went on to showcase her dancing talent on season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, finishing at an impressive second place. Following her successful run, she co-hosted the Dancing with the Stars Live 2023 tour, solidifying her popularity within the entertainment industry.

Gabby Windey Comes Out

A major milestone in Gabby’s personal life took place in August 2023. During an appearance on The View, she publicly came out and revealed she was dating a woman.

Announcement of New Relationship

Gabby soon took to Instagram to share pictures of her girlfriend, comedian and television writer Robby Hoffman. Through a post featuring cute snaps of them together, she playfully announced their relationship to her followers. Gabby expressed how this relationship had been a surprising turn in her life and her journey towards acknowledging her attraction to women.

Embracing Authenticity and Living Her Truth

Despite coming from a conservative background, Gabby received understanding and support from her family. They desired her happiness above all, marking a positive response to her new relationship. Gabby expressed her relief at sharing her truth publicly and emphasized her desire to be transparent with her fans.

Who is Robby Hoffman?

Gabby Windey’s girlfriend, Robby Hoffman, is a well-known comedian and television writer. She is noted for her work on the PBS children’s show “Odd Squad,” which won her a Daytime Emmy Award in 2019. Robby, who openly identifies as queer, is currently developing a comedy for Showtime, inspired by her own life experiences.

Robby Hoffman: A Source of Support and Love

Gabby described Robby as special and someone who makes her feel safe and loved. This connection is something she sought during her stints on dating shows, and finding it with Robby marks a significant milestone in her personal journey. Their relationship is a bold step towards embracing her identity and sharing this part of her life with her fans.


Gabby Windey’s journey in the world of reality TV has been marked with numerous highs and lows, personal revelations, and new experiences. Her decision to come out publicly and share her relationship with Robby Hoffman is an example of her commitment to live her truth openly. Gabby continues to inspire many with her authenticity, strength, and determination, setting a powerful example of representation and acceptance within mainstream media.

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