Is Gerald Cotten Really Dead How Did The Gerald Cotten Scam Happen

This article provides vital details on is Gerald Cotten Really Dead and outlines the scams that he’s previously perpetrated.

Are you aware of whom Gerald Cotton is? Is he still alive or dead? Some believe Gerald who suffers from Crohn’s disease is alive. He passed away after suffering horrible stomach pain over nine days. According to Gerald’s wife he had promised to create the mechanism to forward the passwords in the event in the event of his death.

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About Gerald and his Death

Gerry Cotten, commonly known as Gerry was accused of a much bigger scam fifteen years after the first. Investors in Canada’s most prestigious and most well-known virtual currency exchange are hoping to get the sum of 180 million Canadian dollars following the passing of Gerry Cotton, QuadrigaCX’s CEO in the year 2018.

Gerry passed away on the 9th December, 2018. Gerry passed away following an extremely medical condition for nine days. It was a sad loss. He was only 30 at the time of his demise.

How Did The Gerald Cotten Scam Happen

Gerald was a shareholder in the purchase of a private plane. Cotten imagined his business as more than an investment tool for the financial market He saw it as an agent to bring about social transformation. The company was destroyed. funds he put into the company, S&S Investments, during the three months in which he was the one in charge.

Jennifer Robertson and her husband went to luxurious locations like Paris and Morocco in a private plane trip that she was on. His extravagant spending included buying 17 homes in Canada and a top-of-the-line Lexus luxurious car as well as a boat that cost $600,000 through one purchase.

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In reference to the past, Gerald used an internet forum known as TalkGold, Gerald Cotten and was able to lure his first investors at the age of 15 when he offered investors profits up to 150 percent within just two days.

When Gerald death the investigation into the way that huge amounts of money fell into the wrong hands started. Cotten’s scam was discovered by the CBC earlier in the year. The QCX-INT group is seeking to be reimbursed in this case.

The QCX-INT system was able to track domain names, linkages and blockchain transactions because of Michael Patryn’s contribution. Quadriga was established following the demise of Liberty Reserve.

Quadriga eventually prevailed in revealing, Gerald Cotten Scam. Patryn left the company in 2016 because of concerns regarding the disclosure of financial information. He was totally unaware of the motives. The OSC was investigating Quadriga’s bankruptcy from the year 2019.

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Final Verdict

The commission discovered a number of fake Quadriga accounts that were created by Cotten to influence trading through the site. Cotten controlled an 87 percent share of transactions. The money that investors contributed was used to finance his extravagant lifestyle and fame.

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