Is it Possible to Sue For Accidents If You Did Not Get Hurt?

Only a certain proportion of car accidents end up in injuries and illnesses. Most people associate compensation from a car accident with severe injuries. They tend to believe that only those accidents can be compensated, which results in significant physical harm to the people involved. They end up settling for insurance that does not facilitate proper coverage of repair costs. If you are unsure whether it is possible to sue for a car accident even if you did not get hurt, make sure to consult a personal injury lawyer if you are Injured in a car accident.  They help in providing the right legal guidance regarding car accident cases. Along with that, they help in raising awareness regarding lessons on facts related to compensation and injuries.

Suing after a car accident

Yes, you can sue after a car accident even if you did not get hurt. Insurance providers are not your allies. Their main aim is settling claims with the least amount of compensation possible. If you end up finding an appeal to a car insurance company leads to a waste of time and money. You can file lawsuits for compensation against the damage cost to your property in an accident, even if you did not phase any physical harm. However, it is necessary to have a skilled and experienced lawyer handling similar cases so you can be assured about your case.

Insurance providers are looking for every type of information that can be used to reduce claims or deny them completely. Therefore it is necessary to be utterly cautious while filing a lawsuit for property damage. Filing a property damage lawsuit is crucial to get a replacement or repair of your damaged property.

Coverage of insurance

The insurance coverage differs in every state. The insurance providers are required to follow the guidelines by state laws. Some states can provide about $25,000 if the person experiences bodily injury and $50,000 for bodily injuries per accident. $25,000 is provided in the event of an accident for compensating the damage caused to the property. 

It may sound adequate, but it is not practical as the victims of accidents end up facing multiple expenses like emergency room visits, rehabilitation costs, and other hospital charges exceeding $50,000. Even if the victims do not count the expenses resulting from their injuries, the charges of repairing the damage caused by accident are high as well. If the total charges for repairing the vehicle exceed the word of God, the insurance providers will total the value and pay the bluebook worth of the car. It is highly unhelpful and May cause difficulties for car owners. This is why it is necessary to sue after a car accident to get deserved compensation for recovering all the losses. 


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