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Is it worth creating your website?

To carry out successful online sales of goods and services marketing campaigns, you need your trading platform on the Internet. That is a personal web resource.

 With the development of modern information technology, you can write your site without the help of professional web studios. But to achieve this goal, you need to have relevant knowledge and skills in web design, programming, how to create a job search engine, layout, copywriting, understanding the basics of marketing and SEO promotion, and understanding the question – how to create sites and what resources are needed.

Why do companies need a website?

To create a high-quality, modern Internet project that will attract the attention of target visitors increase the conversion of your online business, you need:

  • plan the structure of the future web project;
  • develop a stylish design;
  • develop a software (script) part – the so-called “site engine”;
  • to fill the Internet resource with unique, readable, and informative textual content graphics;
  • Optimize the site for search engine promotion and integrate with popular social media.
  • To develop a site, you need to perform work in several complex stages. In professional web studios, the development of areas of any level of complexity is handled by a staff of qualified staff, each of whom is responsible for their part of the project.

Suppose you decide to create your web project on the Internet. In that case, there is a lot of helpful information to help you understand how to built your website design without having global knowledge and skills in web development.

How to build your website from scratch?

If you do not know to program in PHP, Java, MySQL, do not know the basics of HTML and CSS layout – this has long been an obstacle to success in the intended business because there are content management systems (CMS), such as Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento and many others.

Most CMS have open-source, many free design templates, and robust support. Therefore, to write a site with their help is not such a difficult task, but it has its drawbacks.

Content management is the ability to create cross-platform web projects and the availability of functional modules for SEO optimization. Leaderboards allow you to customize meta tags for each landing page and page URL. This has a positive effect on the promotion of the site in search engines.

You should also pay attention to the modules that help make a quality link between the pages. These are the so-called “bread crumbs” or “tag clouds .”Integrating a web resource with popular social networks (Social Media Optimization) allows you to get an additional influx of targeted traffic from external resources. Some add-ons will enable you to place social buttons on the site in any convenient place to achieve this goal.

Recently, many Internet users visit resources using primarily mobile devices. Accordingly, sites should be adapted for viewing in web browsers on mobile gadgets. Virtually all modern design templates for popular content management systems allow you to do this.

Currently, the usual site on HTML, using cascading style sheets, which was considered a full-fledged resource a few years ago, is not comparable in its attractiveness and features, even with a small corporate project created with the SMS. Still, if you want to get a severe and full-fledged project, it is better to develop a unique design.

How to open a site for free. On what topic to create a site

There are several significant benefits to working on creating and posting your “offspring” on the Internet. First, what we do ourselves is entirely free. Secondly, the experience gained during the development will be helpful too. Even if there are no goals to develop in this environment, you will still have to administer and build your web resource.

You do not have perfect web programming and do not know how to create a quality design? Then you can create and open your site on one of the CMS mentioned above. You will also need hosting services and domain zone selection when you open the site.

Some companies provide hosting and some domain zones complimentary, but not every free hosting includes support for PHP, java scripts, and MySQL. Without this, the site created on the CMS will not work. Accordingly, these issues need to be clarified with the hosting provider in advance.

Before going directly to the stage of web development, many people ask the question – on what topic to create a site?

The answer is quite apparent. The one you know best and which is closely related to the nature of your business. Then all the opportunities are provided to achieve the desired result.

Defining goals is also essential. For example, an informational blog can be created for a job search site. This free content management system is also suitable for developing one-page sites – landings, business card sites, corporate projects.


Creating a website is not an easy task, but at the same time, it is not unattainable. Everything is possible if you want to learn.

Many applications are popular in this area if you need a full-fledged trading platform. They are pretty simple in terms of development and administration and, at the same time, multifunctional.

If you want and have free time, there is always the opportunity to learn more about the basics of web development to further create a quality Internet project from scratch without investing money.

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