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J Schwanke, renowned floral designer, has a captivating love story as intriguing and vibrant as the floral designs he creates. Known for his show “Life in Bloom” and his remarkable book “Bloom 365 – the essential guide to floral design,” J’s life in bloom extends beyond his professional success. It blossoms into his personal life, where his relationship with his husband, Kelly James Blank, unfolds like a beautiful flower.

Meeting at a Michigan Farmers’ Market

J Schwanke’s life turned a beautiful new corner when he met Kelly Blank at a local farmers’ market in Michigan. Kelly was a vendor there, and their connection blossomed quickly. After three years of nurturing their relationship, J proposed to Kelly on a memorable Valentine’s Day on Mackinac Island, and Kelly happily accepted.

An Enchanting Las Vegas Wedding

On October 21, 2013, J Schwanke and Kelly Blank tied the knot in an enchanting wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada, officiated by their close friend Laura Daluga. The city’s vibrant energy mirrored their own happiness as they began their journey of love and commitment. They celebrate this cherished day each year, marking their wedding anniversary with joy.

A Shared Passion: The Foundation of Their Bond

Collaboration on ‘Life in Bloom’

The couple’s shared passion for creativity and design is evident in their professional collaborations. They have worked together on projects such as “Life in Bloom,” where Kelly contributed his skills as a graphic designer. This shared endeavor not only brought their creative visions to life but also strengthened their bond.

Together in J Schwanke Productions

In addition to their television ventures, J and Kelly co-founded J Schwanke Productions. Kelly, as a skilled graphic designer and co-founder, plays a vital role in the company. His design skills and attention to detail bring J’s floral design content to life in print, digital, and television media.

J Schwanke and Kelly Blank: A Life Without Children

J Schwanke and Kelly Blank have chosen a child-free lifestyle. They have not had any children, but this decision has not taken away from the fulfillment and joy they find in their lives together. They feel content and complete in their relationship.

Role of Uncles

Even without their own children, the couple has found joy and fulfillment in being actively involved in the lives of their nieces and nephews. They cherish the role of being fun-loving uncles, nurturing close relationships with their extended family.

A Beautiful Partnership in Love and Creativity

J Schwanke and Kelly Blank have woven their lives together with threads of love, creativity, and shared passions. They make a formidable team, not just professionally but personally as well. Their story is a testament to the beauty and fulfillment that different paths in life can bring. Their life together is indeed, like J Schwanke’s show, a ‘life in bloom.’

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