Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Church? All the Details You Need to Know!

Joel Scott Osteen was born March 5, 1963 in Houston, Texas, and has become one of the leading figures in televangelism. Renowned for his weekly sermons and best-selling books, Joel serves as senior pastor of Lakewood Church – an appointment which his father John Osteen assumed before him.

Early Life and Ministry

Growing up, Joel was surrounded by a spiritually rich environment. After his studies at Oral Roberts University, he returned to Houston and dedicated himself to Lakewood’s television program, showcasing his father’s sermons. His life took a romantic turn in April 1987 when he wedded Victoria Osteen. The duo now oversees Lakewood Church, with Victoria co-pastoring alongside Joel.

Joel’s teachings, rooted in prosperity theology, have earned admiration and scrutiny in equal measures. His significant net worth and the church’s impressive budget further illuminate his prominence in American evangelical circles.

Rumors about Joel Osteen Leaving Lakewood Church

June 2023 was rife with speculation as an online article suggested Joel and Victoria Osteen’s departure from Lakewood Church. The motivation? A skincare line named Rejuva Derm Skin.

Unmasking the Scam

Contrary to the circulating rumors, the article’s origin was a deceptive website,, notorious for propagating false narratives about celebrities endorsing products. Joel and Victoria Osteen remain undeterred by such scams, continuing their roles at Lakewood Church with unwavering commitment.

Joel Osteen’s Financial Landscape

Joel’s financial stature is remarkable, with an estimated net worth exceeding $50 million. His fortune, largely amassed through book sales and entrepreneurial endeavors, positions him among the world’s wealthiest preachers.

Financial Philosophy

In an interesting move, Joel refrains from drawing a salary from Lakewood Church, one of the US’s largest congregations. Instead, his financial sustenance hinges on his bestselling books and personal ventures. His teachings, emphasizing prosperity, have resonated with many, solidifying his global appeal.

Current Life: Where is Joel Osteen Today?

Joel Osteen and his family continue to reside in Houston, Texas. Their lavish 17,000-square-foot River Oaks mansion valued at an estimated $10.5 million is a testament to their success.

Ongoing Spiritual Journey

Joel and Victoria Osteen’s roles at Lakewood Church are far from diminished. Their spiritual guidance reaches not only their local congregation but also millions worldwide through Joel’s popular televised sermons.

The Outreach and Influence of Joel Osteen

Osteen’s charisma as a televangelist is undeniable. His sermons, characterized by positivity, have touched millions, transcending traditional Christian boundaries.

Praise and Criticism

Joel’s teachings, while largely celebrated, have faced critique, especially from those questioning prosperity theology’s alignment with Christianity’s core values. Despite this, Joel’s influence remains vast, with his books consistently claiming spots on best-seller lists.

The Osteens amid Controversies

Joel and Victoria’s journey hasn’t been devoid of controversy. One notable instance was their response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which invited public criticism. Moreover, the couple has fallen prey to fraudulent claims and scams leveraging their images.

Navigating the Challenges

Through all adversities, the Osteens remain anchored in their faith and ministry. Their unwavering focus on disseminating hope and positivity showcases their resilience and commitment to their congregation and followers worldwide.

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