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Is Kasthuri joining BJP in the presence of Amit Shah? Here is the official clarification

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With Union Home Minister Amit Shah scheduled to visit Chennai today, a few celebrities are expected to join the BJP in his presence. Actress Kasturi is rumored to be joining the BJP, and this information is going viral on social media. To put an end to this rumor, Kasthuri said on her Twitter page: My phone keeps ringing announcing that I will join the BJP today in the presence of Amit Shah. This is just another example of how powerful rumors can be.

I indeed met Murugan last evening, as I have already admitted. But what I met was not L Murugan, but my ancestral God Murugan. I did not attend the yatra. I just attended Murugan’s Surasamharam. ‘ So the news that I am joining the party? The interest lies in where this lie was created. Actress Kasturi has recorded that Vetrivel Murugan Arogara ‘.

Following this, all the rumors that Kasturi will join the BJP have been confirmed.

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