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Is Metrowinner a Scam? About Metrowinner.com!

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Are you a gamer and want a brand new PS5 for free? Would you believe if I said you also get a subscription to the movie platform as well as the latest ebooks for free? Metrowinner.com claims to offer this offer.

The new Sony PS5 is the leading gaming console not only in the United States, but around the world. It’s really hard to get to as it depletes quickly.

Is Metrowinner a Scam? Let’s check.

About Metrowinner.com

Metrowinner.com is an e-commerce site that claims to offer deals that will surprise you. The site has a monthly subscription that gives you access to hundreds of thousands of e-books and a free subscription to Xorive movies. By purchasing a monthly subscription, you are eligible to claim and win a free PS5.

However, the site also says that if you want to claim your free reward without accepting a subscription, all you need to do is log in and verify by entering your credit / debit card details.

Questions like Is Metrowinner a Scamor, or is it legitimate, can pop into the mind. Let’s look at the website specifications first.


• Link to the website – https://metrowinner.com/

• Domain creation date – 24/03/2021

• E-mail address not found

• Monthly subscription fee – $ 19.99

• Benefits that have allegedly been granted – Free movie platform subscription, free thousands of e-books and a chance to win a PS5.

• Alexa ranking – 0 (very less traffic)

• Cancellation – available at any time

• Refunds – Available

Do you think the deal is too good to be true? Why would anyone give away such expensive offers for as little as $ 20?

Is Metrowinner a Scam?

We had to do a lot of research on metrowinner.com to find out all the factors that contributed to this. Check out the list below.

• Domain Age – A website’s domain age is only three weeks old.

• Site Popularity – The site is not popular at all due to its zero Alexa ranking.

• Trust Index – The site has a terrible Trust Index score of only 4.5%.

• Customer Reviews – No customer reviews are available online.

• Domain Registration Name – The domain name is different from the company name.

• Address – No official address or contact information was found.

So many red flags. Is Metrowinner a Scam? I’m afraid. The site seems too risky and bogus.

Customer reviews and feedback

The site is new and no customer reviews are available on the internet. However, we did find a YouTube video claiming that the site is a scam.


We have seen that metrowinning.com has so much to offer for such a low fee. Do you mind why someone would give away items worth more than 200 times your monthly fees? How is it profitable for them?

There is a simple answer to that, they just claim to provide you with all of these things and steal your account details. We have seen Metrowinner do this scam, and please stay away from it.

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