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Michael Rubin, the renowned American entrepreneur and co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, has garnered significant attention not only for his business acumen but also his personal life. In this article, we delve into the latest developments surrounding Rubin’s relationships and family.

Is Michael Rubin Married?

As of July 2023, Michael Rubin is not married. Meegan Rubin was his former spouse; they divorced in 2011. Their union was kept relatively private, and details regarding how or why it ended remain unknown to the general public.

Michael currently enjoys an intimate relationship with model Camille Fishel and they share two children together.

Past Marriage with Meegan Rubin

Michael Rubin was married to Meegan Rubin, who was a local dancer. Little is known about Meegan and how she and Michael met. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Kylie. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2011 for unknown reasons.

A Blossoming Relationship with Camille Fishel

Currently, Michael Rubin’s significant other is Camille Fishel. The couple has been together for a considerable amount of time, and though they are not married, they share two children.

Who is Camille Fishel?

Camille Fishel is known to be a model and has been a part of significant events like New York Fashion Week. She has walked the ramp for famous designers, including GiGi and Wang. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Romi, in June 2020. Two years later, they were blessed with another daughter, Gema.

Camille and Michael are often seen together with their children, including Kylie, Michael’s daughter from his marriage with Meegan.

Michael Rubin’s Children: The Joys of Parenthood

Michael Rubin is a doting father of three. His oldest daughter, Kylie, gained social media attention when Michael gifted her an army tank on her 16th birthday. He jokingly mentioned that he wanted to give her a car that would ensure her safety.

Michael also has two daughters with Camille Fishel, Romi and Gema, and they have been embracing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood together.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Michael Rubin is well known for his charitable initiatives both personally and professionally, such as joining forces with rapper Meek Mill and comedian Kevin Hart to donate $15 Million to 110 schools around Philadelphia area.

In Summary

Michael Rubin, known for his business ventures and ownership in sports teams, has an intriguing personal life. Though not currently married, he is in a committed relationship with Camille Fishel, and they are parents to two daughters. Michael also has a daughter from his previous marriage with Meegan Rubin. Alongside his family life, Michael continues to make a mark with his philanthropic contributions.

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