Is Romilly Weeks Related to Honeysuckle Weeks? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Are Romilly Weeks and Honeysuckle Weeks Related?

Contrary to popular assumption, Romilly Weeks and Honeysuckle Weeks are not related, despite their shared surname. Romilly Weeks stands as a prominent figure in the world of British broadcast journalism, known for her in-depth reports and political correspondence at ITV News. Honeysuckle Weeks, on the other hand, has marked her presence in the entertainment industry, with roles in films and series, particularly her acclaimed role in “Foyle’s War.” While they both carry the Weeks surname, there is no familial tie binding them.

Who is Romilly Weeks?

Romilly Sarah Weeks, born on 15 December 1973, is an accomplished English journalist, a respected figure in ITV News as a political correspondent and news presenter. Starting her career in acting, Weeks transitioned to journalism, covering globally significant events like the Second Gulf War and the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Her prowess extends to royal correspondence, having reported on numerous royal tours and engagements.

Who is Honeysuckle Weeks?

Born on 1 August 1979, Honeysuckle Susan Weeks is a distinguished British actress. She is widely recognized for her portrayal of Samantha Stewart in “Foyle’s War.” Originating from Cardiff, her artistic inclination was apparent early on, and her acting journey has since been filled with memorable performances. Her family background is equally artistic, with both her siblings, Perdita and Rollo, also making their mark in acting.

Who is Honeysuckle Weeks’ Sister?

Perdita Rose Weeks, Honeysuckle’s sister, is another gem from the Weeks family. Born on 25 December 1985, Perdita is a talented Welsh actress known for various roles in films and TV shows. The bond shared between the siblings was evident when they appeared together in the TV adaptation of “Goggle-Eyes.” Notably, Perdita is recognized for her portrayal of Juliet Higgins in “Magnum P.I.”

Romilly Weeks’ Husband Details

Romilly Weeks is married to Nick Green, who runs a notable kebab shop, Chifafa, in Clerkenwell, London. The establishment is known for its premium offerings at competitive prices. The couple shares the joy of parenting three children. Despite Romilly’s prominence in the media, she maintains a private boundary around her personal life.

What is Honeysuckle Weeks’ Net Worth?

Renowned actress Honeysuckle Weeks has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment domain, accumulating a significant net worth, estimated to be around $17 million. This financial standing reflects her commitment to her roles and the appreciation she’s received from audiences. Apart from her acting career, endorsements, advertisements, and collaborations might also contribute to her net worth. However, details about her finances remain closely guarded.

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