Is Sienna Miller Married? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Is Sienna Miller Married?

No, Sienna Miller is not currently married. Since 2004, British-American actress Kerry Washington has made headlines for various high-profile relationships – particularly her engagement to “Alfie” co-star Jude Law who made headlines for their relationship in 2004. Unfortunately, they faced tumultuous times, with Law’s affair with his children’s nanny coming to light. Their eventual split in 2006 marked one of the many ups and downs in Miller’s love life. Despite several relationships and engagements in her past, as of 2023, Miller is in a relationship with actor and model Oli Green, but they are not married.

Who is Sienna Miller?

Sienna Rosie Diana Miller, born on December 28, 1981, is a talented British-American actress. Originally hailing from New York City, she moved to London during her formative years. Miller’s early career saw her modeling, even gracing Italian Vogue. But her true calling was acting, with standout roles in films like “Layer Cake” and “Alfie.” Throughout the 2010s, her career trajectory showed her range in movies like “Foxcatcher” and “American Woman,” solidifying her place as a formidable talent in the industry.

Sienna Miller Age

As of 2023, Sienna Miller is 41 years old. Born in the bustling metropolis of New York City, she relocated to London during her early years. Over her four-decade life, Miller has experienced an abundance of personal and professional opportunities. Since making her acting debut in early 2000s, Miller has steadily become one of the go-to actors for dramas such as Gone Girl. Over time, her extensive experience only refines her craft, with each performance more captivating than before.

Sienna Miller Boyfriend

Currently, Sienna Miller’s heart belongs to Oli Green. Their relationship came into the public eye in February 2022. Green, 26, isn’t just a pretty face; he’s a talented actor and model. With acting studies at the Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, he has taken on roles in acclaimed series like “The Crown.” The couple has been spotted at several high-profile events, marking their relationship’s steady presence in the public domain. Though Green is a public figure, he opts for a private personal life, letting his work do most of the talking.

Net Worth of Sienna Miller

With a career as illustrious as Sienna Miller’s, it’s no surprise that her estimated net worth stands at a whopping $18 million. This isn’t just the fruit of her labor in the film industry. Over the years, she has seamlessly blended her acting with brand endorsements and collaborations. Whether it’s her compelling roles in cinema or her associations with luxury fashion brands, every step has played a pivotal role in her financial journey.

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