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Trinity Rodman is making waves in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Born into a sports-minded family, she has chosen her own path by excelling on the soccer pitch despite being so young in age. Rodman is already being recognized for her exceptional skills, speed and goal scoring prowess despite these accolades being met from youth league players like her peers.

Personal Life

Trinity Rodman is not currently married, but she is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Kuzemka. Chris is a talented NCAA basketball player for the Loyola Maryland Greyhounds. The couple went public with their relationship in early 2023, sharing posts on their respective social media accounts, confirming their romantic involvement.

Relationship with Chris Kuzemka

Trinity Rodman and Chris Kuzemka’s relationship is quite public, with the couple often seen together in pictures on social media. Starting early 2023, they have been dating and supporting each other’s sports careers – though no indications or reports suggest any impending marriage at this point.

Rodman’s Age and Early Career

Trinity Rodman was born May 20, 2002 and at 21 has already made an indelible mark on soccer. As daughter of legendary basketball player Dennis Rodman she faced considerable expectations but managed to make her own mark within sports.

Notable Achievements

Rodman became one of the youngest NWSL draftees ever when she joined. Since joining, her performances have amazed both fans and critics, showing us just what a talented player she will become as her journey continues on this beautiful path of soccer.

Family Background

Trinity Rodman is the daughter of Dennis Rodman, a legendary former professional basketball player, and Michelle Rodman. Despite her parents’ divorce, Trinity shares a good relationship with both and has received their support in her soccer career.

Following Her Own Path

Trinity decided to follow her passion of soccer rather than her father’s success in basketball, which has paid dividends as she has become one of women’s soccer’s rising stars.

Physical Attributes

Rodman stands tall at 1.78 meters – which equates to around 5 feet 10 inches – giving her an advantage on the soccer pitch with her impressive stature, athletic abilities and goal scoring capabilities.

Advantage on the Field

Rodman’s height complements her overall playing style, contributing to her success in soccer. She is a formidable force on the soccer field, constantly demonstrating her capabilities as a forward.

Career Statistics

Trinity Rodman’s statistics underscore her talent and impact on the field. Playing for the Washington Spirit in the NWSL, she has consistently delivered impressive performances.

NWSL Performances

Rodman excelled in 2021 season by making 22 league appearances and scoring 6 goals – in addition to contributing 4 Challenge Cup appearances (1 goal scored), along with 3 playoff matches in which she netted one goal each time! In 2022 season she continued this success making 18 League Appearances scoring four Goals while contributing an incredible 8 Challenge Cup appearances (4 Goals Scored).

International Career

Internationally, Rodman has proven her worth to the US Women’s National Team with 20 appearances and 4 goals scored as of July 2023.

Honors and Recognition

Rodman has distinguished herself with numerous honors throughout her young soccer career, such as being named NWSL Rookie of the Year and making appearances in both NWSL Best XIs and the NWSL Rookie Team of the Year lists. These recognitions affirm her standing as an emerging star within women’s soccer, leaving fans and analysts hopeful about what lies in store for her in terms of future opportunities in women’s soccer.

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