Island Tybee Orange Crush – Get All the Details You Need Here!

About forty-five thousand people attended the Island Tybee Orange Crush festival to meet students and alumnae of HBCU.

Have you been to Florida before? Have you heard of the Orange Crush Festival before? At least some natives from the United States have been to the Orange Crush Festival on Tybee Island. HBCU students from all over the South attended the Orange Crush Festival at Tybee Island. The students of HBCU enjoy this event.

The HBCU students celebrated the festival on Saturday. You need to read this article to find out what happened at Orange Crush Festival, and why people searched Island Tybee Orange Crush.

What happened at Orange Crush Festival?

The Orange Crush Festival moved to Tybee Island from Jacksonville Beach in Florida two years ago. The Orange Crush Festival was held on Tybee Island, Florida, Saturday 22nd April. Nearly 11,555 cars, and 40 to 50 thousand people attended.

Students and alums from HBCU walked the streets and bought drinks and food at local bars. They also took photos with pythons wrapped around their necks or shoulders. Students and alums began singing on the balconies of their vacation homes and from outside their car windows.

Whoever asked Orange Crush Tybee Island, now has the answer as to what happened at the Orange Crush Festival on Tybee Island.

What have students and alums from HBCUs said about this festival?

Many students attended the Orange Crush Festival for the first time on Tybee Island. Terriana Pruick, Yakima Morrison, and other new Orange Crush Festival participants told the media they were eager to spend time with their friends. The students were excited to meet other HBCU students at the Island Tybee Orange Crush festival.

Can I find information on the Orange Crush Festival online?

You can find many photos from the Orange Crush Festival in social media. Many people shared their photos on Instagram and Twitter. Check out our “Social Media Sites Links section” to see photos from the Orange Crush Festival on Tybee Island.

Orange Crush ?

Orange Crush Beach Party is an unofficial event for students and alumni of HBCU. Orange Crush Festival is often referred to as a networking event.

Has there been any mishap during the Orange Crush Festival

Everything went wrong as a large crowd wanted to celebrate Orange Crush Festival. The cars had already blocked “No Parking” signs and “No Trespassing” boards. People were shocked to hear that a large crowd and cars had blocked the lawns.

The volume of music and people was too loud, causing road rage and traffic accidents. A press release from Tybee states that many people complain about the toxic drinks, antidote abuse and illegal parking.

Have there been any accidents at the Island Tybee Orange Crush Festival this year?

Chuck Kearns (CEO of Chatham Emergency Services) said at a press event that between noon and 10:00 pm, ten accidents occurred in Tybee. Seven people were injured in one vehicle.

Adam Bauer, 38, was arrested by Chatham County Police for a shooting near Fort Pulaski on Highway 80 at approximately 7.20pm on Saturday.

Final Thoughts:

The only police department in Chatham County that was able to control the situation at the Island Tybee Orange Crush festival is the Chatham County Police Department. The police are still looking for the people responsible for Saturday’s chaos. Click here to see a few glimpses of the Orange Crush Festival at Tybee.

Have you ever been to an Orange Crush Festival? Please leave a comment.

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