IT Penetration Testing: Why, How, Best Service Providers and Tips!

It is more essential than ever for firms to have a solid security system in place in today’s digital world. Penetration testing is one of the most effective methods for achieving this. Penetration testing is the practice of simulating a cyber assault on your company’s information technology infrastructure in order to identify flaws that may be exploited by hackers. In this article post, we will discuss why penetration testing is important, how you can go about getting it done, and some of the best penetration testing providers in the industry.

Why Is Penetration Testing Relevant?

As we mentioned earlier, penetration testing is relevant because it helps businesses find vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. By identifying these weaknesses, companies can then take steps to fix them before they are actually exploited by hackers. It’s essential to remember that, in today’s world, cyberattacks are becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, a recent study found that 43% of all businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past year alone.

Who Needs Penetration Testing The Most And Least?

Regardless of size or sector, every firm should consider penetration testing. However, there are some businesses that need it more than others. For example, businesses that store sensitive customer data (such as credit card information) are at a higher risk for a data breach. As such, they should make penetration testing a priority. On the other hand, businesses that do not store sensitive data are at a lower risk and may not need to invest in penetration testing as much.

How Can IT Companies Get Penetration Testing Done?

There are two main ways that IT companies can get penetration testing done: internally or externally. Internally, companies can use their own staff to conduct the tests. This is often the most cost-effective option, but it requires having employees with the necessary skills and knowledge. Externally, companies can hire a third-party service provider to conduct the tests for them. This is usually more expensive than doing it internally, but it offers the benefit of having experts handle the testing testing

Steps To Getting Penetration Testing Done In IT Companies

There are a few things that IT companies need to do in order to get pentest done:

  • Assess your needs: The first step is to assess your needs and determine what type of penetration testing is right for you. There are a variety of tests available (see below), so be sure you pick the appropriate one.
  • Find a service provider: Once you know what type of test you need, you need to find a service provider who can conduct it. There are many providers in the industry, so do your research and choose one that fits your budget and needs.
  • Schedule the test: Once you have chosen a provider, contact them and schedule the test. Make certain you give them as much information as possible so that they can adapt the examination to your specific demands.

Types of Penetration Testing

The three most frequent types of penetration testing are black box, white box, and grey box.

– The most frequent test type is the black box test. In this type, the service provider has no prior knowledge of your systems or networks. This is a good option for businesses that want to test their security protocols without giving away any information about their infrastructure.

– The term “white box testing” refers to a type of software testing in which the service provider has access to all of your systems and networks. This allows them to test not only your security protocols but also your system’s vulnerabilities.

– Grey box testing includes features of both other tests. In this type, the service provider has some knowledge of your systems and networks. This is a good option for businesses that want to test their security protocols without giving away too much information about their infrastructure.

Tips For Conducting A Penetration Test

– Make sure you have a clear objective: Before you start the test, make sure you have a clear objective in mind. This will assist you in determining what sort of test to run and what to search for during the examination.

– Be prepared for false positives: During a penetration test, it’s not uncommon to come across false positives. This is when a vulnerability is reported but turns out not to be an actual vulnerability. To avoid this, make sure you have someone who is familiar with your systems and networks to verify any findings.

– Be prepared for downtime: Penetration tests can often cause disruptions to normal operations. Make sure you have a plan in place for how you will handle any outages that may occur.

– Keep track of all findings: During the examination, keep a diary of everything that happens. This will aid you in assessing the findings later and determining what measures must be taken.

– Use a third-party service provider: If you don’t have the resources to conduct a penetration test yourself, consider using a third-party service provider. This ensures that the test is done by specialists who are fully aware of what they’re doing.

Popular IT Penetration Testing Service Providers

There are many companies in the industry that offer penetration testing services. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Astra’s Pentest
  • NCC Group
  • Trustwave
  • Rapid Seven
  • Veracode


Penetration testing is an important element of system and network security. You may discover flaws before hackers can use them by running frequent checks. There are several types of tests, so be sure you get the one that’s right for your needs. When you’re ready to take a test, select a reputable service provider.

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