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There are a variety of scams being uncovered on the web, targeting individuals using various methods to steal their data as well as personal details. A lot of people from America have reported that scams are affecting them. United States have complained about a brand new type of scam.

It’s called Parcel tracking scam. It’s a new type of scam that targets individuals across America by text message. A lot of people were sent the text message from the tracking shipment scam with a link which enticed users to click on it, but they were taken to a different site.

Then, they are looking online to get more information regarding scam.

What is Itemtracking Scam?

Itemtracking Scam is a new online scam that targets a large number of individuals in the United States. It’s also known in the form of Parcel Tracking Scam, where victims receive text messages that are scams from an unknown number which includes a suspicious link.

The purpose of the scam is designed to steal personal data and personal information about the people who are victims. The message of scams trick the users into clicking the suspect link. If they click on this link it takes them to a fake website.

They’re asked to take the online survey in order to receive expensive gadgets in return. If you’ve received these fraudulent text messages, do not respond to them since it’s fraud.

How Scam is Conducted?

After reviewing the scam on the internet and analyzing the scam, we discovered several information. was founded on 17th December 2021 . It will expire on the 17th of December 2022. It also is rated at 5% trust score.

Many have reported having received an SMS message from the unknown phone number “7027451620,” claiming the tracking of parcels. It’s a questionable hyperlink that users must click.

It also provides the tracking number that users must be able to use in order to follow their parcels on the site of When users click on to open the hyperlink, they will be directed to a different website where they will be asked to fill out an online survey in order to receive expensive equipment in exchange.

If they click on the link and complete the survey, the fraudsters take the information and make use of it for later fraudulent purposes. Therefore, it is important to stay clear of the scam.

What are people saying regarding this Scam?

After looking online our findings, we noticed that several victims complained about the scam online. They voiced their concerns and inquired about the scam and sought advice.

Based on their responses the recipients received a text with an alleged code that claimed to be a tracking code. If they copy and then click on the link to track the parcel, they are taken to a an external website which asks them to complete a survey for devices that cost a lot.

A user reported that scam Scamalso has a direct effect on him since the scammers ask him to complete the survey in exchange for an PS5 device. They also know that it’s an Paypal scamand have reported the same scam online.

Conclusion is a fraud and is not legitimate. Users who get the scam text message about tracking parcels should not utilize or click any link that allows tracking parcels because they are scams.

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