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James Clive is a well-known writer who has spoken out on totalitarianism and cultural amnesia. While the famed writer, novelist and TV anchor died in 2019, his work remains in high demand. His talk with Eleanor was re-telecast by CBC Radio of Canada on 26 August 2022. It had been telecasted previously in 2008.

His views on cultural amnesia are a powerful tool to help people understand the world’s current state. James Clive Obituary a discussion of the writer’s life and views on cultural blindness.

James Clive Died:

Clive James was an Australian broadcaster and writer who died at the age of 80 in 2019. In 2010, the writer was diagnosed as having leukemia. He also suffered from kidney failure. Despite the fact that this event affected his life, he continued writing and entertained his audience with brilliant humor.

According to his agent, he was subject to all the pain that came with illness and eventually forced him to give up on his work. He gave up his pen one month before his passing and fought the disease for ten year.

Clive James Quots

His writing and quotes remain popular with his audience. One portal updated his 120 quotations recently and placed them for the benefit of their audience. Here are some of his famous quotations.

  1. Do not worry – no one is ever truly free from this world.
  2. Humor is the foundation of common sense dancing.
  3. There are many people who are different from you, and we are all different too.
  4. One quote from him stated that a good score in life is more important than fame.
  5. Education without a Bible education can be called a failure.
  6. Clive James on teaching ” The key to effective teaching is remembering what you learned.”
  7. Anyone who listens to Mahler after they turn forty should not be trusted.
  8. “I saw and I came, I copied. Canadian version of Julius Caesar’s memoirs?
  9. It is generally our failures that civilizes us. Triumph confirms our good habits.

CBC Radio Podcast from Clive James:

Eleanor Wachtel is the company host. The writer discusses Cultural Amnesia, totalitarianism and his book. The 2008 broadcast of the show was telecasted by CBC radio. However, it was re-telecasted 26 August 2022 because of public demand.

James Clive Obituary about his views on Cultural Amnesia.

He offers a fascinating perspective on the role of culture in our society today. According to him, culture is what unites us and that people can only see it when they are in crisis. According to the writer, there is always a race that exists between civilization and barbarism. He adds that culture unites us all and helps us see where we are in human evolution.

Final verdict

James Clive’s teachings and quotes are applicable to every society. They offer us a different view of life. James Clive Obituary believes the inspiration of his quotes and views on many aspects of life can be tapped into by people from all walks of life.

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