James T. McNulty Obituary What Happened To James T. McNulty?

James T. McNulty, an esteemed resident of West Haven, passed away at the age of 84 on April 16, 2023. He leaves behind an incredible legacy as both Sally Ann Willman McNulty’s beloved spouse of 60 years and as patriarch to their loving Irish family. Throughout his life was marked by unwavering dedication to family, an esteemed career, and honorable service to country – something his four children, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren continue to remember fondly today.

How Did James Serve His Country?

James was dedicated to his nation and it showed through his military service; first overseas before continuing in the reserves. This experience helped shape him by teaching discipline, duty and service values which remain an integral part of who he was today – not only personally but for his entire family too! This chapter in James’ life remains significant today – commemorating all he gave back for our freedom.

What Was James’s Role in His Family?

As the patriarch of an Irish household, James played an essential part in providing guidance and nurturing his loved ones. Following in his footsteps, his children have made significant contributions to their community.
His daughter Maureen married West Shore Fire Commissioner Robert Bruneau, and his son James became a Captain in the West Haven Fire Department. These examples highlight James’s influence as a role model within his family, fostering a legacy of service and commitment.

What Was James’s Career Journey?

James was best known for his 42 year tenure at the New Haven Register as part of their data processing department and ultimately becoming manager. Subsequent to that position he then played an invaluable role as data processing manager for West Haven for an additional decade or more.
His career showcases his dedication, skill, and adaptability in the evolving field of data processing.

What Were James’s Personal Passions?

James was an avid sports enthusiast. Every morning he would start off by reading both the Register and New York Post sports sections, reflecting his interest for New York teams like the Yankees, Rangers, and Jets. James saw sports not as just another hobby – it became part of who he was while building relationships among family and friends through shared experiences through sporting competition.

How Will James Be Remembered?

James’s life will be celebrated with visitation hours on Friday, April 21, from 4 to 7 pm at the West Haven Funeral Home at the Green. On Saturday at 12:30 pm, family, friends, and the community can gather for a prayer service honoring his memory while sharing stories that highlight how much of an impactful influence he was. His burial will remain private. These services serve as an opportunity to remember him with thanks.

How Can We Honor James’s Legacy?

In memory of James, donations are encouraged to the Fisher House of West Haven, aligning with his values of service and community support. This act of giving not only honors James’s memory but also supports a cause that reflects his life’s principles, allowing his legacy of helping and supporting others to continue.

What Is the Enduring Impact of James T. McNulty’s Life?

James T. McNulty’s life was a profound journey of service, dedication, and love. His impact on his family, career, and community set a standard for commitment and integrity. The values he embodied will continue to inspire those who knew him, ensuring that his legacy of hard work, devotion, and compassion lives on. James’s story is a testament to the meaningful difference one individual can make, grounded in service, family, and a passion for life.

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