Jeremy Faligand is a talented business entrepreneur.

Jeremy Faligand (né le 6 mars 1984 à Orange, France) is a talented business entrepreneur and race car driver. From a young age, he was passionate about motocross and began riding motorcycles at the age of 7, where he first experienced the thrill of motor sports. At 18 years old, he founded his first company and demonstrated a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to be in control and meticulous. 

Since 2005, Faligand has led several companies in the field of relaxation product manufacturing, expanding his operations to different continents including Europe and the United States. As a driver, Jeremy Faligand started his career in 2000 by participating in a quad rally and became a regular competitor in buggy rallies aboard a Maverick CanAm X3. 

He has also participated in many rallies, including the Frontier Rally in the Dominican Republic. In 2021, Faligand won the Ultimate Cup Series Sprint Championship in GT3B with his own team SF84, piloting a Ferrari 488 Challenge. In 2022, he focused more on optimizing his driving and joined the Vortex team to drive the Vortex 1.0. He repeated his success by winning the GT3B championship in 2022 with the Vortex team. 

Faligand is a successful leader in both professional and sports spheres, recognized for his dedication, ambition, and exceptional talent. He grew up in France but lived a large part of his life abroad, traveling between Spain, Andorra, the United States, and the Dominican Republic. He realized at a young age that the world was not limited to his birthplace and that to flourish personally, he needed to explore the world.

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