Jesse Lingard’s best season at Manchester United

Jesse Lingard is a talented pupil of Manchester United, who never managed to realize his full potential. By the way, today football score of the Red Devils are covered on the sports statistics website.  You can watch the current events without missing anything important thanks to this platform.

Lingard spent seven full seasons at MU. The best period for him was 2017/2018. It is not possible to say that Jesse was so good then, but he was a player of the starting lineup and regularly received some practice. Lingard managed to score 8 goals in the EPL and 5 more in other tournaments during that campaign. He had 13 accurate shots on his account. That figure remained a personal record for Lingard.

Quite a good season in the performance of the player was one of the factors that “MU” finished in second position in the EPL during that campaign.  By the way, today it is easy to watch the football scores of matches of this championship on the trusted resource.

Unfortunately, Lingard’s performance began to deteriorate noticeably. Yes, he could put on a great performance at times, but it was not possible to count on him as a player in the starting line-up on a regular basis. However, a loan to West Ham in the second half of the 2020/2021 campaign helped revived his career.

The player finally left the squad of “MU” in the summer of 2022. He left the team on the right of a free agent.

What allowed Lingard to have quite a good season?

The Red Devils head coach José Mourinho regularly gave the player a place on the field in the 2017/2018 campaign. This allowed Lingard to believe in himself and demonstrate his strongest qualities. By the way, now you can find out the live football scores of Manchester United matches on the sports statistics website. Only the latest data can be found here.

So, the main factors of Lingard’s successful performance in that campaign are:

  1. Good chemistry with his teammates. For example, it is worth mentioning Marcus Rashford, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and others. The players were able to play the most daring combinations thanks to their excellent mutual understanding.
  2. Technique. Lingard could easily evade guardianship and find the most suitable position to strike thanks to his dribbling skills. 
  3. Speed. The player could easily break away from almost any opponent. This was especially important, given that Manchester United was acting on the counterattacks.

All this helped the player to have a really great season. Moreover, if you are following the scores of football matches involving MU even now, then the live data will be provided to you on the sports statistics website. The schedule of games of this team is now very tight, but you will not miss any match.

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