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Who is Savannah T. Phan?
Savannah T. Phan, popularly known by her stage names “Ling Ling” and “Princess Vannah,” is a talented young rapper and social media sensation. Her journey began in 2015 when her father, Jimmy Boi, shared a video of the then nine-year-old dancing with stacks of cash. This exposure, coupled with her passion for rap, carved her niche. With her commitment to keeping her lyrics clean, she stands out amongst young artists, amassing over 300,000 fans on Instagram alone.

What was the turning point in Savannah’s career?
The freestyle rap challenge became a pivotal moment for Savannah, marking her ascent in the rap world. Through this challenge, she showcased her ability to craft verses instantaneously, earning her viral attention. Her seamless engagement in freestyle battles underscored her potential, marking her as an emerging powerhouse in the music scene.

Who is Jimmy Boi?
Jimmy Phan, also known as Jimmy Boi or “The Streets Jeweler,” is Savannah’s father. Born on June 9, 1982, Jimmy initially started his career as a rapper. However, he later transitioned into celebrity jewelry design, carving out a niche for himself. His masterpieces attracted a clientele of celebrities, solidifying his reputation in the jewelry design world.

How do their talents intersect?
Despite Jimmy’s shift from rap to jewelry, the essence of creativity bridged his journey with that of his daughter’s. This fusion of talents has resulted in an enriching bond between the duo, with both contributing to music and artistry in their distinctive ways. Their combined passion for self-expression strengthens their relationship and respective crafts.

What is Jimmy Boi’s net worth?
Jimmy Boi’s illustrious career in both music and jewelry design has been financially rewarding. As of recent reports from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDb, he boasts a substantial net worth of $43 million, mainly attributed to his expertise in jewelry design.

What lies ahead for Savannah Phan?
The future shines bright for Savannah. Establishing herself through early success and her father’s constant support, her trajectory within the rap industry looks bright. Charming audiences with her unique style is sure to leave an imprintful mark upon it….

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