Jing Tian Scandal – All the Details You Need to Know!

This research on Jing Tian Scamal will provide an update to the readers about the viral update on Jing Tian, Zhang Jike. Please read more about it here.

Are you aware of the latest update about Chinese actress Jing Tian’s health? Jing Tian and Zhang Jike are in the news because of their relationship. The PhilippinesVietnam have been discussing a lot about Jing Tian Scanal because she was the victim of her ex boyfriend’s misdeeds. What is the truth? This post will provide all the details about the latest update on Jing Tian & Zhang Jike.

Was Jing Tian Video Leaked By Her Former Boyfriend?

Online sources claim that Jing Tian, a well-known actress in China, is now in the news due to Zhang Jike, her ex-boyfriend and a gold medalist at the Olympics, having leaked intimate videos of her to his creditor. Zhang Jike, the world champion in Table Tennis, has won three gold medals. According to some online sources, he had leaked videos and pictures because he owed five millions yuan. He couldn’t pay his gambling debts so he offered to repay his debts by giving Jing the videos.

According to online sources Jing Tian Scam is in trend because Jing was the victim of this extortion. Jing was even offered RM 14.1 million by the creditor.

How did this happen?

Online media reports revealed that a journalist had discovered all details about Zhang Jike’s betting debts. Beijing News published the reports and revealed that Li Weiao, a journalist, had presented the entire report on their relationship, including how much money he owed. He also stated that they had been dating from March 2018 (June) They parted ways later.

Jing Tian Scandal states that Jing Tian told police about the extortion. The creditor was taken into custody, fined 50,000 Yuan and sentenced to seven years imprisonment. All facts were provided online by the investigative journalist. They are true and accurate.


We have provided all information related to the scandal in this summary. You can find more information about Zhang Jike or Jing Tian here. We don’t support illegal betting, whether it is for money or pleasure.

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