Joe Biden and Easter Bunny Did President Plan the Surprise?

This was an excellent news report about the conference of Joe Biden & Easter Bunny, when she stopped Biden answering reporters’ questions.

Are you a fan of the Easter Bunny? Is it possible to understand why Psaki made the comment, “no more Bunny Business”? Read on to learn more.

After the annual White House press event, attendees from the United States was surprised to see a white Bunny appear on Monday’s agenda! The reason why Bunny did NOT speak before Psaki is also discussed below.

Find out more information about the speakers who spoke at this annual White House meeting, before Joe Biden & Easter Bunny.

Joe and Easter Bunny details

A conference about Easter Bunny was held in Washington, DC on April 18, 2022. The theme of egg-curation was discussed at the event. Biden tried to address the questions of journalists about Pakistan and Afghanistan while making the announcements public.

Biden stopped by the largest Easter Bunny-dressed person to answer questions once the reporters had asked them. It was also quite a surprise that the Easter Bunny walked into this seminar in the afternoon to bless the audience with Easter wishes.

You can read more about the interactions between Joe Biden & the Easter Bunny.

Did President Plan the Surprise?

It was clear that there were questions about the Ukraine visit and debates about the Pakistani and Afghan issues during the press conference. To remove any confusion on these issues, staff suggested that the Easter Bunny and Easter theme be used to cover the story.

Joe was always present and helped him avoid answering all questions. Bunny was, however, present at the White House press conferences on April 18th to provide a calm visit and entertainment for children.

Fun facts about Joe Biden & Easter Bunny

  • The Easter Bunny bought vegan chocolates before the White House meeting and conference.
  • As a celebration treat, many traditional sweets and dairy-free chocolates were also purchased to celebrate the eastern tradition.
  • Also, ready-to-dye eggs were kept safe to celebrate an ecofriendly festival with many happy people.
  • Bunny was instrumental in influencing information about animal rights as well as the safety of animal exploitation to support PETA.
  • The Easter Bunny gave a speech on egg roll celebrations and their importance as an annual tradition.

Why Joe Biden & the Easter Bunny Are They Trending?

The Easter Bunny, a surprising character, was created to celebrate Easter with children who had huge wishes. The speech was delivered by the President and Bunny, who also provided a healthy message.


This news, in conclusion, reveals the launch of annual Easter traditions for children on Monday at The White House. After 2 years of Joe’s presidency, the egg-curation was included in the first Easter roll egg.

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