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Where does the Jan 6th committee focus?

John Eastman, a conservative lawyer, took to the stage on Jan 6, 2021 just before Congress started certifying the 2020 presidential election results. He wore a long, tan overcoat and a paisley scarves, as well as a brown cowboy hat, to make a speech outside the White House at Save America. Eastman said, “Vice-President Pence has been only asked to let the states legislatures examine the issue this afternoon around 1 o’clock in order that we know if we are in control or not.”

John Eastman, 2022

Sources claim that thousands of Trump supporters gathered in front Eastman, an ex-Chapman University professor. The crowd stormed into the Capitol, interrupting the count just hours after Trump mentioned them. Many figures, including Eastman, led some movements. Douglas Letter to the House General Counsel states that Pence created a legal strategy for justifying a coup, claiming he could cancel votes or delay election certification. At Thursday’s hearing, the House Select Committee will focus on Eastman’s role in the Jan 6th 2021 case. You can find more information on Dr John Eastman below.

John Eastman

Eastman was born in Lincoln in Nebraska. He has an undergraduate degree in politics and economics at Dallas University, The Law School of Chicago, and a law degree from Claremont Graduate School. Eastman clerked at the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during his 21 years of law school at Chapman University. Eastman, a law company associated with Claremont which specializes in representing conservative clientele, established the Centre for Constitutional Jurisprudence as a Chapman University student. All the information in this article is taken directly from an online database. We do not hold anyone responsible.

John Eastman Wiki

Eastman specifically recommended two options to reverse the election results in two legal letters he wrote. The U.S. Constitution committee’s vice president acts as its president, and the president for the Senate. It must also count college votes before Congress and the Senate. The electoral college vote counting process was affected by Mr. Eastman in two ways.


According to online research, the following discussion is about the Jan 6 scenario that took place after the election. This committee focuses on Eastman’s memos. Read more about.

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