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The case of John Poulos, an American man accused of murdering his girlfriend Valentina Trespalacios, has gained considerable attention and incited public outrage. Poulos now faces charges of aggravated femicide and concealing evidence. Despite the compelling evidence stacked against him, a trial date has not yet been scheduled.

The Arrest and Extradition of Poulos

Poulos, a Wisconsin-based divorced father of three, was apprehended and extradited from Panama on January 25. His arrest occurred while he was attempting to flee to Turkey and subsequently Montenegro, a country with no extradition treaty with Colombia. Prior to these events, Poulos had been involved in a year-long relationship with Trespalacios, a well-known electronic music DJ.

A Deadly Turn: The Poulos Murder Case

Poulos and Trespalacios’s relationship took a horrific turn in Bogotá on January 19. Poulos allegedly killed Trespalacios in an apartment on the city’s north side that he claimed to have rented long-term. Following a sexual encounter, he is accused of brutally beating and choking her to death. Surveillance footage showed Poulos pushing a shopping cart containing luggage bags, one of which held Trespalacios’ body concealed under a blanket. He was later seen struggling to lift the luggage into the trunk of his rental Volkswagen Voyage before discarding it in a dumpster on the city’s south side.

The Investigation and Prosecution

As Poulos attempted to flee the country, law enforcement swiftly apprehended him. Since his extradition, Poulos’s legal team has approached prosecutors seeking a plea deal for a lesser sentence. However, the prosecution remains firm on their stance, rejecting a plea deal and pursuing the maximum sentence. Their case against Poulos is backed by thorough research, concrete evidence, and significant corroborating details, all pointing towards his guilt.


The tragic and senseless murder of the young and promising Valentina Trespalacios has sent ripples of shock and grief through her community. The heinous actions of John Poulos warrant rigorous prosecution. His sentencing will serve as a powerful message to the city of Bogotá and beyond – a stark warning against such violent crimes. The world awaits the setting of the trial date, as justice seeks to prevail for Trespalacios.

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