Johnyknoxville Com Johnny Knoxville Website uses Johnny Knoxville’s popularity as an influential media personality.

Did you know that Philip John Clapp was also known as Johnny Knoxville within the United States. Knoxville is multi-talented and skilled in acting, professional wrestling, and stunt performance. His co-creation of a reality show about stunts for MTV made him popular.

Knoxville is frequently featured in the media and has recently answered the top 10 most searched questions on Google. Let’s find out how Johnyknoxville has taken advantage of his popularity.

Knoxville’s Website:

You should be aware that the correct URL for Knoxville is different. The URL of the scam website is’s purpose is not known as there is no content. The website contains links to MTV and Knoxville as well as Jackass. has been registered for one year on 2 June 2022. It has a low trust score of 1%, 42.8% ranking in business, 41% proximity for suspicious websites and a Zero Alexa rank.

Johnny Knoxville Website has the most insecure HTTP protocol. Fake website IP: The certificate is valid for the next 90 days. However, all browsers cannot trust the certificate. The website only provides services from one server in the USA. The CoO of the website is unknown.

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Johnny Skateboard

Knoxville was also present at Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Steve and Knoxville had signed a few boards while they were on Steve-O’s Wild Rider! A small selection of autographed skating boards became famous under the name Johnny O Skateboard. These skateboards were quickly sold online by Steve-O. On ebay, the price for a skateboard was $480+. This was a fascinating item for collectors.

Knoxville personal life:

Knoxville was 51 years of age when he was born 11th March 1971. He was born to Philip Clapp and Lemoyne Clapp. His father was a merchant, and his mom taught Sunday school. Knoxville had two elder sisters.

He graduated from South-Doyle High School in 1989 and began his career as an actor. You can learn more about Johnyknoxville at. Knoxville married Melanie Lynn Cates 15 May 1995. They had a daughter. They filed for divorce in 2007 after they had a daughter. Knoxville and Naomi Nelson were married in 2010 and had two children.

Knoxville had a successful career in the media. He appeared in 52 films and 5 music videos. There were 52 television series. Knoxville’s voice and moves were used to create two videogames.


Johnny Knoxville, a prominent media personality. His official website has a different URL. However, scammers exploited this by changing the spelling of the website URL. They launched a scam website, It has a low Trust Score and Alexa ranking.’s features indicated that it is suspicious, and could pose data security threats.

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