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Why was Jordan Neely beaten to death? Jordan Neely, who was killed by other passengers, is the subject of a constant protest. The news about Jordan Neely Video spread quickly in United States, and Canada. Some people still do not know what happened in New York City. We will tell the readers in this article about Jordan Neely’s death and the person who murdered him.

The killing video of Jordan Neely

According to online sources, there is a video trending on Facebook as well as many other social media platforms that shows a man named Jordan Neely was killed by fellow passengers in a train. Online media claims that he was suffering from a cerebral problem, but did not harm anyone. The video was recorded by a freelance journalist on the subway platform. It is now being shared across social media channels.

Who killed Jordan Neely?

According to online sources, Jordan Neely’s fellow passenger killed him. A 24-year-old US Marine veteran was arrested by police for putting Jordan in a headlock. According to reports, Jordan lost his breath at a nearby emergency medical facility and died. Online sources revealed that Jordan also suffered from cerebral issues. The journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez who recorded the entire incident claims that Neely didn’t harm anyone, and spoke to his benefit.

In the viral Instagram videos, we can clearly see that the man who locked Jordan’s head and other passengers are holding him.

Protest for Jordan Neely

Juan Alberto recorded Jordan being hit on the subway platform and circulated the footage on Tiktok. The culprit was arrested, but no charges were filed. The people were angry. Jordan Neely (30) was protested for. Justice was demanded for the innocent victim who died in hospital. The police arrived at the station when the train stopped and arrested the suspect and took Jordan Neely directly to hospital. The incident became viral on Facebook , Instagram , and other sites.

Video Details!

You can see Jordan Neely already on the ground when the video begins. A man will place a headlock on the victim and two men will support him. The man on the left is seen holding his arms, while the man on his right was holding his shoulder. Jordan was thought to be unfit and have some mental issues. You can find it on Telegram or other sites online.

Public’s Reaction!

On the internet, many people had mixed feelings about this situation. This incident was shared on Twitter by many people who called it shocking. Jordan was identified by many as Michael Jackson’s impersonator. It is therefore a very high-profile case and the police have begun an investigation. You can see more public reactions on social media sites like Youtube.

There you can read the comments of people. We offer our condolences to his family and pray that justice will be served.


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