Home Website Review Joshvsjoshvsjosh com What is Joshvsjoshvsjosh com?

Joshvsjoshvsjosh com What is Joshvsjoshvsjosh com?

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Are you surfing the internet to find out about Joshvsjoshvsjosh com? Want to know how this site is gaining popularity around the world? Then this article is your answer. This site has become so popular that many meme sites publish memes about it. People who are out there on social media platforms have seen a lot of memes about this site.

Almost everyone is talking about this new trend in the world of the Internet. If you enjoy watching memes and are involved in the meme world, you may have seen various memes on this site. Keep reading the article and see what this new trend is all about.

What is Joshvsjoshvsjosh com?

This page was created by someone named Josh Swain. He started a group on Pinterest where he welcomed people with the same name – Josh. He then decided to turn this group into a website that would announce the fight.

The idea behind this fight was to set up a battle between different people named Josh. In this game, people will fight in battle and the person who wins can keep the name. The fight will only take place between people with a similar name. Josh announced that the fight would take place on April 24, 2021.

Joshvsjoshvsjosh com is gaining popularity around the world after this battle is announced. The site shows a countdown to the actual game. All people named Josh will lose the need to change their surname and only the winner can keep that name.

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More about the site

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This page was created on February 3, 2021. The trust index is quite low as this is a new site. There is nothing to worry about the legality of the site. Uses a secure HTTPS connection. After learning about Joshvsjoshvsjosh’s fight, many meme pages started trolling the site.

Countdown image format and page posts go viral. Everywhere on the meme page you see people writing – Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! How’s Josh ?! The battle will take place in a few days.

People’s reactions

People react strangely when they learn about this name battle. It is a good source of entertainment for everyone as they have never heard of a game where people with a similar name have to fight to keep their name to themselves. Lots of people have a funny comment on booking a front seat for a fight.

Final verdict

After researching the topic – Joshvsjoshvsjosh com, we see that the site was created by someone named Josh Swain. He created this Pinterest page to welcome everyone with the same name. But after a few days, he created a website to announce a battle between people who call themselves Josh.

The game says that if someone wins they can keep their name and the losers have to change their names. Aloy of people joins the group and waits for g to see the battle. What are your views on the site and the battle? The comment section is always open to your valuable feedback.

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