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Joyce DeWitt was born April 23rd 1949 in Wheeling West Virginia and boasts an estimated net worth of $4 Million. She gained immense fame from her iconic role on “Three’s Company”, appearing in 171 episodes between 1977-1984. While some rumors suggest DeWitt left show business post this series, she has continually graced our screens in various feature films and TV shows.

What Sparked DeWitt’s Interest in Acting?

Growing up in the Indianapolis suburb of Speedway, Indiana, DeWitt’s passion for acting ignited at a tender age of 13. Her initial tryst with acting began during her participation in speech and debate events through the Indiana High School Forensic Association. Pursuing her love for the stage, DeWitt acquired a bachelor’s degree in theater from Ball State University and later, a master’s degree from the University of California in 1974.

How Did “Three’s Company” Change DeWitt’s Career?

DeWitt found her calling in television’s blockbuster hit, Three’s Company. Cast as Janet Wood, DeWitt quickly rose to stardom attracting over 20 million viewers each week at its height. Additionally, DeWitt portrayed Janet in the 1979 spinoff series “The Ropers” and made appearances in shows like “The Love Boat.”

What Was the Controversy with Co-Star Suzanne Somers?

DeWitt’s journey on “Three’s Company” wasn’t devoid of drama. She and co-star Suzanne Somers had a significant fallout during the series, predominantly over a salary dispute. While both were initially paid $3,500 per episode, their salaries were proposed to increase to $30,000. While DeWitt accepted the raise, Somers demanded a staggering $150,000, leading to tension on set and Somers’ eventual exit. This dispute estranged the two for 31 years, until a heartfelt reunion on Somers’ show in 2012.

How Has DeWitt’s Career Progressed Post “Three’s Company”?

DeWitt took a brief hiatus following her time on “Three’s Company”, returning with a part in “Noises Off” in 1991. Over the next decade and 2000s, DeWitt made numerous TV appearances and film roles, such as 2009 adventure flick “Call of the Wild”. In 2018, she showcased her versatility by playing Mother Superior in “Nunsense.”

How Does DeWitt Give Back to the Community?

Beyond her illustrious career, DeWitt holds a philanthropic heart. She has actively participated in Capitol Hill Forum’s initiatives on hunger and homelessness and has hosted various prestigious events, including the World Food Day Gala at the Kennedy Center, pushing for causes close to her heart.

What Do We Know About DeWitt’s Personal Life?

Joyce DeWitt has always maintained a veil of privacy regarding her personal life. Though never married, she dated Randolph Mantooth and had a seven-year relationship with actor/director Ray Buktenica. Her life, filled with successes, challenges, and contributions, showcases the depth of her character both on and off the screen.

In conclusion, Joyce DeWitt stands as a beacon in the entertainment industry – a testament to resilience, passion, and undying commitment to her craft and causes.

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