July Pokemon Go Raids 2022 :- July Pokemon Go Raids

This article is about July Pokemon Go Raids, and its new feature. You can read more about this topic here.

Are you a Pokemon player? What do you need to know about Pokemon raids and how they work? Read the entire article if this is the case.

Pokemon is a very popular worldwide game. It’s a favorite of almost all people. It is fun to play Pokemon Go. You can read the entire article to learn more about July Pokemon Go Raids.

Pokemon Go Raids

There will be new exciting battles. One of the most exciting and anticipated events is the return to Kyogre/Groudon. They are as powerful and as strong as Mewtwo. This lineup has been changed again. The Battle against Dragonite is a great opportunity to battle Slaking, Snorlax and Wimpod. Raid hours take place every Wednesday, from 6 to 7 PM.

There will be mega raids as well as five-star raids that follow the established schedule. The 1-Star and 3-Star raids are subject to continual change. These raids can only be changed during special events. You can seek the guidance of a guide if you don’t know anything about Pokemon Raids. Pokemon Go July 2022 Raids have brought excitement to the table with their new features and raids.

The New Season of Pokemon

Pokemon go fans are thrilled to hear that the new season has begun. Trainers have the opportunity to battle and capture legendary Groudon or Kyogre for the Pokemon Raids. They can be found in 5-Star Raids. Mega Raids will feature Pokemon, with only one Mega-Evolved Pokemon. The new season will bring about a collaboration called GO TCG. In Berlin, there will also be a Pokemon Go Fest. Fans are eager to see the new season and this collaboration. Pokemon Go expansion introduces Pokemon Go cards. The forthcoming Pokemon Go Raids include the debut of Wimpod, Pikachu wearing a new hat, Mewtwo using shadow balls, and many other interesting features.

Berlin Pokemon Fest

Pokemon Go Fest is scheduled for July 1st to 3rd in Britzer-Garden, Berlin, and Garden. In the new season, Shiny Pokemon and Shaymin will make an appearance. They were discovered through special research. Shiny Foongus, Shiny Pansear, and Shiny Pansear will be making their debuts at the event.

The Pokemon Go League is also set to begin soon. Many events will take place at the start of the season. These events include rewards at the end of the season, resets for go battle league, as well as rank-up requirements.

July Pokemon Go Raids

Many players are curious about raid hours and other information. If Niantic has a special raid hour it increases the chances of players catching 5-Star Raid Pokemon. All gyms that host raids will be 5 Star. Raid hours take place every Wednesday, from 6 to 7 pm. You will not have to worry about the time zone, as it will always follow local time.


Pokemon Go Raids 2022 will be a huge hit with players, as it is one of the most popular games. You will learn about new features in pokemon raids. There are 3 types of raids. Different raids follow different rules. The Battle will also be conducted in a completely new manner. Please visit this link to learn more.

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