Just How Prevalent Is Mobile Gaming in Modern Times?

Mobile gaming represents one of the most popular pastime activities in 2023. It’s popularity really skyrocketed in 2020, but it has been slowly building up to the point where the revenue from mobile gaming surpassed the revenue of other gaming formats. It actually accounts for over 50% of the entire revenue of the gaming industry. Its success was due to many aspects, which are not only related to the technology but also to social factors and the convenience it offers to mobile gamers. 

Mobile Gaming – Convenience and Mobile Users 

Mobile devices became more convenient for use when the introduction of the iPhone. Smartphones rule the mobile market today as they offer you an opportunity to pick and choose from an increasing selection of mobile games. 

Namely, you can play action games, hyper-casual games, brain-training games, puzzles, and anything else that you can imagine. Due to the demand for mobile games from vastly different mobile users, many game studios decided to focus and create new and innovative titles that would be suitable for audiences that previously weren’t particularly interested in gaming, but they are now ready to download mobile games to their devices. 

The games are typically user-friendly and easy to play, with vibrant and high-quality visuals. On top of that, it’s very convenient to play any mobile games since the installation time takes only a couple of seconds and the games are accessible free of charge. 

There are also games of chance that are available on mobile casinos that you can download directly as a mobile casino app – or access the mobile-friendly casino sites through your browser. In any case, you’ll have your hands full when it comes to mobile gaming.  

It’s also worth noting that the popularity of mobile games is also impacted by the number of mobile users, as today, there are over 7 billion mobile users on a global scale, which is more than any other electronic device that we use on a daily basis. 

Number of Mobile Games 

The number of mobile games increases on a day-to-day basis. Actually, every single day on average, there are over 3000 new applications in the Google Play store, many of which are mobile games. It’s easier for game studios to focus on creating mobile games, and this is one reason why the rate at which new mobile games are produced is much higher than any game console title or video game. 

This is a huge factor that further proves that mobile gaming is really prevalent in our day-to-day lives since there are mobile games in different genres and sub-genres that were actually created for mobile users that strictly aren’t interested in gaming, but due to the popularity of mobile games and the increased performance of mobile devices, there are also mobile games which are based on a famous video games and game console titles.  


The demand for mobile gaming didn’t increase the price of premium titles. On the contrary, due to the dominance of free mobile games, which might have in-app purchases, there was a continual demand for both paid and free mobile games. The premium mobile games also are not that expensive – the average price currently is around $0.80, which is nowhere near the average price of video games which is $60.

Christopher Stern

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