Kaban Machines

One of the brands commercialized by and a partner of Daser Global is Kaban. It was founded in 1986 by Salim Kaban, who is still the chairman of the company. Currently, Kaban Machines is one of the leading international automated machinery developers, producing more than fifty thousand machines each year and exporting them to more than one hundred countries. This company originated in Turkey but its presence is worldwide, it counts with a lot of branch offices and official distributors in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America. Kaban is known in the automation industry for its high quality and low cost services and solutions. The key to its success, as Salim Kaban said, is to ensure its customer’s satisfaction and its employees’ comfort.

Kaban Products

The machines developed by Kaban are mainly solutions for aluminum and PVC manufacturers, which produce items such as doors and windows. Kaban machines will improve your finished product with accurate and automated cutting, welding, cleaning, assembly, and milling. Kaban makes sure that the development of its machinery respects international quality and safety standards. On the other hand, for Kaban, it is important to take care of our environment and protect natural resources. So, one of Kaban’s goals is to improve customers’ productivity while helping to reduce factories’ energy consumption. All Kaban products are configured to have an optimized performance without energy wasting. Besides taking care of the environment, it is also good for your pocket, you will get the most out of it at the lowest possible cost.

The current top products and most picked Kaban automated machines are the PVC wielder BA 2030, the aluminum miter saw AC 1050, the PVC corner cleaner CA 3020, the aluminum machining center ZK 3020, the PVC end milling machine RG 3000, the aluminum drainage machine LC 2010, the FA 1050 automatic welding and cleaning lines for PVC, and the PVC assembler EK 1040. If you want to see the full list of machines developed by Kaban and commercialized by Daser Global, click on the link. There are a lot of options with a vast variety of functions and prices. You could even contact them and ask for personalized machines with customizable functions.

Kaban Services

As we already said, Kaban makes sure to leave its customers satisfied. Not only automation machines and spare parts are provided by Kaban, but services too. These services consist of installation, maintenance, and updating of the machines, along with training sessions for customer employees, which are part of Kaban’s aftersales support program. So, Kaban expert technicians can train your employees to use the machines correctly and perform basic maintenance tasks. It is recommended that you include training sessions on your purchase. Only operators that were trained by Kaban are authorized to perform quotidian machinery maintenance, otherwise, if an unauthorized operator does it the warranty can be lost. There will be some regular advanced maintenance that must be done by the Kaban experts themselves though.

Kaban Warranty

All the Kaban machines have twelve months of warranty, counting from the shipping invoice date. Is important to know that this warranty will cover only those machines that were installed by Kaban technicians or representative distributor technicians, such as Daser Global ones. This warranty does not cover consumables. The buyer takes compromises to make their operators present during the installation and training days. Customers can pay an extra amount to make the clause free of charge repairments effective. Kaban takes compromises to repair the machines in less than thirty days, but usually, it will take only a couple of days. If you want to know more about what warranty includes and excludes, contact Daser Global or Kaban.More information:

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