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This article contains information about the Kawana Jenkins Full Video. It also explains the entire video in detail.

Do you want to know more about the video of Kawana Jenkins that was leaked? A video featuring a police officer and her inmate became a trending topic on social media. Everybody in the United States and other countries want to know all the details behind this scandal.

You can read the entire article to learn more about Kawana Jens Full Video.

What’s the content of the video?

Kawana Jenkins’ video was leaked to social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. The video is only short and people from the United States are interested in the whole video.

Latest Kawana Jenkins Insta

Instagram has posted the video and captions to the post. Kawana Jenkins was fired by the department for her indecent behavior at the police station.

Jenkins was charged with several things, including intimacy while on duty, violating oath by public officers, reckless conduct and cruelty to prisoners. He also faces charges of giving a prohibited item to someone without authorization.

How was the video leaked?

The entire act was captured by a contraband cellphone and leaked to various social media platforms. The video can be viewed on Kawana Jenkins, Reddit, and other platforms, as well as the links.

The links to the entire video are not available. Instead, users will be able to view a 10-14 second clip. It is difficult to determine if the entire video is available online or if it was removed due to guidelines.

How was the cellphone taken?

With the assistance of his strike team, the sheriff conducted a raid in a maximum security wing in January. The team took eleven phones and guns from the cell. These were later analyzed by the strike team.

But, one of the phones had the Kawana Jenkins Full Video, where she was seen engaging in inappropriate and unprofessional behavior with one of her fellow inmates.

What actions can you take against Jenkins?

The officers conducted a thorough investigation and verified every fact about the video. The superior ultimately fired Kawana Jenkins, and ordered her to be arrested for violating the oath and other charges.

Have you heard of any similar incidents?

A similar incident occurred when a female officer was found having an affair with several officers from the same department. She was involved in inappropriate activities at the station. This led to Kawana Jenkins Full video, i.e. firing from the department.


This video has been making headlines online and the police department is taking strong action against such acts. For more information, click here

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