Keep The Spark Alive In Your Marriage

Keep The Spark Alive In Your Marriage

Irrespective of how long you have stayed with your partner, you might sometimes face difficulty connecting with them. Especially as the years pass and you find yourself engaged in different family and work problems that may include taking care of the children or significant changes in the work environment. This sometimes leads to tension between the couples and creates a barrier between them. Then,

how to have more sex in marriage?

Marriage is something that you and your partner need to work on daily without putting in any conscious efforts. Nothing kills romance faster than falling into a monotonous routine, so it is necessary to keep things exciting and try new things to keep up a good relationship. 

Prioritize Each Other

One of the secrets of a long-married life is prioritizing each other. The top sexologist in Delhi states that emphasizing making your partner happy can be the best way to stop the chances of bickering and drifting apart. The feelings always need to be mutual to get the maximum returns in the relationship. 

Prioritizing your partner requires you to look for opportunities to connect with them mentally, emotionally, and physically. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to turn a dull day into an exciting evening. Several people have the same question that is how to have more sex in marriage. The simple answer is by prioritizing each other and also communicating correctly. 

Explore New Places Together

Whether you go for an extended vacation together or you take a day off to spend some quality time, a famous Sexologist in Noida believes that visiting new places can help to build the relationship, and it offers the couple certain positive benefits. In most cases, such couples encounter an increased playfulness, an improved sense of connection, emotional nurturing, and significant growth in their relationship. 

Have Date Night And Make Romantic Meals

Nothing turns on a couple better than a romantic dinner. So if you are struggling to find an answer to how to have more sex in marriage, then bingo, the answer is to spend some quality time with each other and make your partner feel special by creating a romantic atmosphere.

Most couples tend to romanticize by going out on family dinners, but they tend to be noisy and expensive, so choose to start the steak in your kitchen and share your cooking duties. This brings both of you together in a creative space leading to touching and kissing. You can consider the prep time for foreplay, and the things are sure to escalate towards a fun direction. 

Express Gratitude To Wipe Off Negativity

To lead a healthy sex life, it is necessary to be emotionally connected and make your partner feel that you are there beside them, especially during their hard times. So to keep the flame burning, make sure to remind your partner that you are grateful to them.

It doesn’t have to be something huge, it can be something minimal. This helps to reduce depression, create a positive thought pattern and also promote overall well-being. This can help you have a happier relationship by reducing stress, making you more conducive to romance.  

Express Your Feelings For Eachother

The top sexologist in Noida says that it is necessary to make your partner feel attractive to you. This is something that several couples stop doing overtime to have a positive relationship. It is necessary to hear positive feedback from your significant other regularly.

Help to build your partner’s self-esteem and to rekindle the romance by giving them genuine compliments daily. The best way to help keep the romance alive is by hitting each other with words and looks to express an interest in the relationship. 

Schedule Weekly Date To Spend Some Quality Time Together

Kids, work, and obligations are essential at times, but spending some quality time with your partner is necessary. The top Sexologist in Delhi says that if you don’t make alone time a priority, you may be leading your relationship towards a divorce.

The date night doesn’t need to be something big or expensive, it just needs to bring you guys together away from home, the kids, the job, and other responsibilities. Making this a priority can help to improve the sense of commitment, rekindle the passion, offer better communication, and act as a romance booster. 

Stay Physically Affectionate

It is understandable if you are not a fan of public acts and dont need to touch each other constantly during date night. But physical affection should be a cornerstone of your daily life.

This helps you keep the intimacy alive and allow you to have a strong relationship with each other. Simple hugs and kisses can also strengthen your relationship and help to give direction to your sex life. 

Conclusively these are some of the tips that you can follow to the spark alive in your marriage.

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