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The article Kevin Gates Twitter Story provides insight into the rapper’s recent Instagram story which caused chaos.

Are you familiar with Kevin Gates? Why is Kevin Gates trending online? What type of story did Kevin Gates post? Why does his Instagram story receive hate? You may also be interested in similar questions. Read the Kevin Gates Instagram Story Tweet article. The United States Canada and United Kingdom want to know more about Kevin’s Instagram Stories.

Kevin’s Instagram Story Summary

Kevin Jones, a well-known rapper, recently posted an Instagram story which grossed people out. He shared a video of a mother giving birth at home to a child naturally. The video was shared by the account “Indiebirth”, which assists people in giving birth to a child naturally with the help a midwife.

The idea of sharing a video with such painful content on Instagram was not well received. It included mature content due to the body exposure, screaming and other things. Kevin has been harassed and criticized by the public ever since he posted this story.

Who were the women in Kevin’s story?

Kendra was the woman who gave birth. Kevin’s wife. The couple is expecting their third child. Kendra was tagged in the post by the account “Indiebirth”.

She was giving birth with the assistance of a midwife, and her husband. Kevin is seen on his knees catching the baby while Kendra stands with a dresser. She was screaming, there was blood everywhere, the baby was coming out, and fluids.

What was the response of his followers?

Kevin’s video story was discussed on Insta, Tiktok, , and other social media platforms. People complained about the visuals. Twitter was flooded with people saying that no one should view his story. Others questioned why he shared something so private and explicit with the public. Some of his followers said they would never want to hear Kevin’s story again; others said they were no longer interested in Kevin’s life and that they should mind their own businesses.

Kevin Gates and His YouTube Channel

Kevin Gates is a rapper and entrepreneur who was born in Louisiana on the 5th of February 1986. Gates was raised in Baton Rouge and faced many hardships during his childhood and teenage life, including imprisonment. Gates remained committed to his music passion despite these obstacles and became one of the industry’s most sought after artists.

Gates is today known for his unique sound, powerful lyricism and unwavering dedication to his craft. Gates has an 8.02 million subscriber YouTube channel. His music videos are available on Telegram.


Kevin Gates posted a video about his life, and he was criticized by his fans. People were disgusted by the video of his wife’s birth. Click here to learn more about Kevin.

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