Key West: Is It A Good And Safe Place To Visit?

Key West is a city and an island in Monroe County, Florida, and it is in the U.S., making it a part of Florida. The city has been recognized as one of the top party places globally, which attracts many visitors from all over the world who want to enjoy their holidays here.

Key West has been ranked number one as the city with the most bars per capita and is known as a great party destination. However, it has also been criticized for its lax business and prostitution laws. The police force does not do much to stop this trade in public view on some of its streets.

Is Key West safe?

It is a critical question. Is it safe for our children and family? Will people be able to enjoy their holidays here without fear of being robbed or attacked by criminals?

Many people think that Key West will not be as safe as their town back home, but it is quite safe. The crime rate in Key West is low, and the vast majority of people can enjoy their holidays here without any trouble or inconvenience.

Logistics to access Key West

Key West has an international airport which makes it easy to get here. It is located near Miami, Florida, which means that all flights will land in this city first before arriving at Key West Airport.

There are many places of interest for visitors of different age groups. Keep reading to learn more about exciting places in Key West:

Amazing places to visit

1. Duval Street

Duval Street is a favorite among young visitors. This road is known for its many bars and clubs. You can come here to party or watch the sunset from one of its balconies. There are also many restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with spectacular views of the town.

2. Mallory Square

The best place to catch the sunset in Key West is Mallory Square. Many people come every day to enjoy the beautiful sight of this place. It has been a tradition for many years, and hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed a bit of magic here, watching the day turn into the night while enjoying a drink or two.

3. Sunset Celebration at Mallory Sq.

Every evening at Mallory Square, a little show is organized by the local government. It will help you discover some of the culture and history behind Key West as it happens right in front of your eyes.

If you come here during the weekend, you might find that this performance is different from those on weekdays or weeknights.

4. Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

If you want to be amazed by the beauty of nature, then this is a must-see place for you. Here, you will find exotic butterflies from all over the world and birds and turtles native to America. There is also a tropical garden with many colorful flowers.

Inviting places to eat

1. Southernmost Beach Cafe

It is an open-air restaurant where the atmosphere is very relaxed. The menu contains many typical dishes of southern America, but you will also find some seafood and steak dishes on it. With its outstanding service and tasty food, this place attracts thousands of visitors every day, making it a must-visit place for everyone.

2. Aqua

Aqua offers some of the finest seafood in town, but it is also known for its high-quality steaks, locally sourced from Florida after being selected by the chef himself. The service of this restaurant will make you feel very welcome while enjoying great food on your holiday at Key West.

3. Casa Tina

This Mexican restaurant is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal. The bestseller here is the fish tacos made from local catch and served with fresh corn tortillas. You can also find some great burgers at this restaurant and good drinks for those who like a bit of alcohol during their meals.

4. The Blind Pig

The specialty here is pizza. However, it also offers many other dishes for everyone to enjoy their meals in a friendly atmosphere where the staff is attentive and polite.

5. Mangia Mangia

This Italian restaurant has an extensive menu with many tasty dishes made from fine ingredients which are locally sourced after being selected by an Italian chef. The service of this restaurant is top-notch, and the food comes very quickly after you order it.

6. Zig Zag Cafe

This place offers hamburgers cooked to perfection and served with fries, onion rings, or salad on the side. The bestseller here is its delicious lobster roll, ordered in different sizes. You can also opt for a lobster delivery to door.

Apart from places to visit and eat, you can enjoy other adventures such as kayaking, custom private fishing charters, sailing, and sunbathing. All these activities can be done independently or as a part of a group.

In conclusion, Key West is a beautiful place to visit where you can have a great time during your holiday. Whether you choose to go sightseeing, eat delicious food, or participate in other activities, this city will not disappoint you with its unique atmosphere and great people who are always ready to help their guests.

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