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The Khazar momeni Instagram article contains details about the murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee, and his undefined relationship to Khazar.

Who was Bob Lee? What happened to Lee? You can read the article on Khazar Mumeni Instagram if you’re interested in learning more about Bob Lee, a San Francisco resident who was recently murdered. The case took place in the United Statesin April. At first, people believed it was just a street crime. However, the mystery has revealed that it may have been an intentional murder.

Relationship between the case & Khazar Mumeni

A man stabbed a Bob Lee to death by the roadside on April 4th. Police suspect that the murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee was an intentional act. Days after his death, they have a suspicion. Nima Mumeni is the suspect, an IT consultant. Khazar Momeni, one must ask. Khazar Momeni, Nima’s older sister. According to sources, Nima doubted that Bob and Khazar were in a relationship.

Bob Lee Murder Case Details

Bob died after being brutally stabbed 3-4 times with a kitchen blade. Initially, the case was a street crime. However, after reviewing the footage and identifying Nima as the driver of the white car, it was clear that Bob had been murdered.

Bob and Nima even went to Khazar’s house on the night of his assassination. They both left together. Nima stabbed Bob after asking him about Khazar’s relationship and whether they consumed addictive chemicals.

Who is Khazar Mumeni Husband? Find out more

In 2013, Khazar got married to a plastic surgeon named Dino Elyassnia. Dino, according to reports, was an Iranian who immigrated with his family to America during the Iranian Revolution. He also lived and studied in California. He is a highly skilled Rhinoplasty surgeon at Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery.

Khazar and her spouse reside in Millennium Tower, a luxury apartment. According to sources, Khazar texted Bob as well and expressed her concern about him. She wrote she was aware of how harshly her brother had treated him, and hoped that he would be okay.


Nima Mumeni, an IT expert, killed a Tech Mogul on April 4. According to sources, the IT expert allegedly murdered him because he had a love relationship with his married sister Khazar Momeni. This case has attracted a lot attention due to the high-profile individuals involved. For details, click here.

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