Kid Rock Assistant Accident What Happened to The Assistant to Kid Rock?

Are you a huge fan of Kid Rock? Are you aware of the horrific accident that killed Kid Rock’s assistant that caused the death of his colleague? Are you interested in knowing more? If so, then check out the blog post.

The passing of Kid Rock Assistant was very sad for the rapper. West-coasters particularly within America and Canada, particularly in the United States and Canada are searching for more information regarding the tragedy. In this blog post we will discuss what transpired in the case of Kid Rock’s assistant, and the way in which this Kid Rock assistant accident was averted.

What is Kid Rock?

Kid Rock, a.k.a Robert Ritchie is a composer, musician and rap performer who hails from his native United States. Rock’s music is mixture of rap music, punk hip-hop, country, and hard rock. Rock himself is an musician who plays all instruments in his group and produced several albums.

Kid Rock began his professional music career as a rap DJ and artist. He recorded Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, his debut album. The subsequent indie albums led him to develop more unique music, which he eventually achieved on his breakthrough album Devil Without Cause, which sold 14 million copies around the world.

Before we can understand what happened and how Kid Rock assistant accident was triggered we will discuss what occurred to the kid.

What Happened to The Assistant to Kid Rock?

Kid Rock Assistant named Micheal Sacha, who was aged 30 years old at the time death, was discovered dead during an incident that occurred within the premises of Kid Rock on 24th April 2016. According to various reports, the police identified the cause of death as an accident.

According to a statement from the press according to a press release, the incident happened in the event that Sacha drove two people on the street at midnight for a ride in the Uber vehicle. Sacha drove the ATV down the road to Kid Rock’s House when he hit the ground, and an accident was the cause of the death of Sacha.

What Happened? Kid Rock Assistant Accident Take Place?

According to a previous medical examiner’s opinion, Micheal Sacha, artist Kid Rock assistant, was more than twice the legal limit for alcohol consumption that is applicable for motorists in the US when he died in an ATV crash.

Michael was a driver with an alcohol level that was higher than 0.2 percent of his blood alcohol level at the time of the accident as per the investigation. The legally-approved limit for driving within Tennessee in the US State of Tennessee is lower than 0.08 percent.

What did Kid Rock React to His Assistant’s death?

The renowned popular rap artist and top-selling singer wrote on his website in relation to the the Kid Rock Assistant accident that he was devastated to hear about the fact that his friend Micheal Sacha died in a crash involving an ATV in Nashville. He also said that Sacha was a member of his family and was among the most remarkable young people he worked with and had the privilege of knowing. The family also expresses condolences to his family.


The passing of famous personal assistant Micheal Sacha was extremely sad for his family as well as Kid Rock, who was not just the boss of Sacha however, he was also his good friend.

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