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On July 19, a terrible tragedy struck our community as we lost a shining light. Kierra Reichert, a beloved community member and an alumna of Community School/MVSD, passed away in a devastating car accident. Her sudden departure has left a profound void in our community, particularly for her family and friends. As we mourn this immense loss, we reflect upon Kierra’s remarkable life and her lasting legacy.

A Rising Star: Kierra’s Academic and Professional Life

Kierra’s academic prowess was widely recognized. She had just completed her freshman year at the University of Nevada, Reno Honors College where she stood out both academically and personally for her dedication and discipline – qualities her teachers and peers praised her greatly as proof of the impactful presence she made in their lives.

Her professional life was equally remarkable. Kierra was concurrently working two jobs over the summer. She was a full-time employee of the U.S. Forest Service and also found time to work part-time at the Pony Expresso. This demonstrated her incredible work ethic and her ability to balance multiple commitments, a testament to her determined nature.

A Love for Adventure and Nature

A true lover of the outdoors, Kierra possessed a remarkable zest for adventure. From skiing to hiking and running, she often ventured into Alaska and the Methow Valley to pursue her passions. She found solace and strength in nature throughout her life and it contributed greatly to shaping who she eventually was as an individual.

Kierra was an expert horsewoman whose strong character and love of animals shone through in her horsemanship skills. She often left onlookers in awe, further solidifying her reputation as a determined and passionate individual.

Remembering Kierra: Tributes and Vigil

Kierra’s friends often referred to her as a goofball, a testament to her jovial and spontaneous nature. Kierra was beloved among her loved ones due to her vibrant personality and genuine approach to life. Her infectious laughter, positivity, and love were hallmarks of joy for everyone who knew her.

In the wake of Kierra’s tragic passing, the community gathered at Mountain Lion Stadium for a twilight vigil. This event was a reflection of the love and admiration the community held for Kierra. Community members came together to offer condolences, comfort each other, and share memories of the remarkable woman whose life was tragically cut short.

Mourning and Healing as a Community

As a community, we mourn Kierra Reichert’s passing with sadness. However, each individual will grieve differently: some may seek peace alone while others find comfort from being with others. Therefore, it’s essential that we respect these individual grief responses while supporting one another through these challenging times.

By coming together through a website called “Methow Family”, the community has come together in support of Kierra’s family and to honor her memory.
The website provides resources for those needing support and facilitates contributions through a Meal Train site and a GoFundMe account.

Kierra’s Legacy: A Beacon of Positivity

Although Kierra was tragically taken too early, her legacy will live on. She was an example of positivity who touched all those she encountered; from adventurers and students alike. Her academic achievements and selflessness will remain inspiring lessons to us all.

Though we mourn Kierra’s loss, we celebrate her life. As we face these difficult times, let us remember the joy and love that Kierra brought into our community. Her memory will continue to guide our steps.

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