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The article Kimberly Achas CCTV Footage focuses on the tragic 11 March 2023.

Are you familiar with the Kimberly Achas case Why is Kimberly Achas’s case on the internet so popular? Is there actual footage that has been leaked to social media? Because this case has been recently revealed from the Philippines, we assume everyone is curious to know more about Kimberly Achas CCTV Footage. We have created an article that provides a thorough analysis of the topic.

Information on Viral Kemberly Achas Case

Sources claim that Kemberly Achas, a young woman, was stabbed to death on 11 March 2023 by Edson Campo, her live-in partner. Some photos and the CCTV footage of this tragic incident became viral online shortly after. Although authorities took down the clip of 7 minutes and 2 seconds, many witnesses witnessed the brutality of the attack. The clip and the Kemberly Achas photos are disturbing.

Information about the Attack

Kemberly, a 22-year-old college student, was attacked by Edson with a chair, broken glass, and a chair. Kemberly tried to feed her infant 9 months old, but Edson stopped her. This domestic violence was the result of an argument. Kemberly was hit with a chair by Edson and then stabbed her several times with a sharp piece of glass. She died as a result.

Sources claim that Edson Campo Jamisula, 27 years old, is addicted to alcohol and other drugs. He is also unemployed. He attempted to flee but was stopped by the Bukidnon Provincial Police. The incident occurred at Edson’s home, where Kemberly and their baby lived.

Kimberly Achas Footage & Achas Family

The footage was not available on any social media platforms. It was indecent, violent and heartbreaking for Kemberly’s family. According to the provincial police, the Achas family filed a criminal complaint against Edson. Kemberly and her relatives are still unknown. We ask that you support the Achas family during this time of great grief and keep their feelings private.

The CCTV footage has been used in the investigation and the suspect will be charged. Justice will soon be served in this case. It is a relief to know that the Kemberly Achas Video Cctvassessment are available.


This article provides a thorough analysis of the viral Kemberly Ahas case. Kemberly, a 22-year old girl, was murdered by Edson, her live-in partner of 27 years. Domestic violence occurred in Don Carlos, a town in the Philippines. The suspect was arrested by the police. The footage that was leaked has been removed. Find out more about domestic violence here.

Did you know about the Kemberly Achas Case? Please share your thoughts on the case with us in comments.

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