Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art Adding a few points

Are you interested in Kingdom Hearts Do you remember playing this game? What do you know about Kingdom Hearts’s anniversary celebrations Did you ever hear about the celebrations, and how unique they were? Find out more about the game by clicking the link below.

The game is becoming increasingly popular in countries like the United States. The celebration took places in Tokyo on April 10, where the players began searching for the highlights.

Here are more details about the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art .

Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix released this video game in 2002. It’s a role-playing type of game. Square Enix employee Tetsuya Namura oversees the game along with Disney. This storyline aims to demonstrate that friendship is the strongest bond on Earth and that light triumphs above darkness. Kingdom Hearts is the story of Sora (a crucial blade-wielding girl) who travels with Donald and Goofy to various Disney worlds. Here are details on the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art

It will be a memorable event to start the celebrations from April 2022 in Tokyo with a live streaming. The official Twitter account tweeted that fans won’t be able watch live streams but can view the VOD. Square spoke of the special 2000 birthday celebration for this franchise. This day is special for people who have enjoyed the game for a long period. A detailed Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary art has been published, and it seems like it teases Kingdom Hearts 4.

Adding a few points

Kingdom Hearts20th Anniversary Art – A mini-concert with discussion and Q&A sessions with the developers, as well as an exhibition and other activities, are planned.

Kingdom Hearts IV is set for a surprising twist on April 10, 2022. Square Enix stated that Kingdom Hearts IV had been in development. They also confirmed that Donald, Sora and Goofy would make a return. It has been over twenty years since Kingdom Hearts was released, and the fans are eagerly awaiting news about what will be part of its twentieth-anniversary celebration. It would be an ideal time to make exciting announcements about the Anniversary.

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art

Square Enix, along with the development of Kingdom Hearts IV, announced Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. The final chapter in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’s story will be available on August 20, 2022.


Kingdom Hearts, according to research, is one of most popular RPG games. It is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox One and PS2. Additionally, it can also be played on PC. Tokyo people are eagerly anticipating the grand celebrations.

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