Everything You Need to Know About Writing Skills and Its Types

Writing skills is imperative not only for students going to college, but also to gain some real-life experiences such as getting employment, and to excel in whatever field you choose. The writing craft has so much to offer, provided if taken seriously. Before you are guided to the ways you can hone your writing skills, you need to know the diverse writing forms and types. To your amazement, knowing the types of writing will help immensely in the process of learning and sharpening your writing skills.

The most common and known types of writing are:

  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Academic
  • Content
  • Copy
  • Media

Creative Writing

Creating writing is considered as the vast form of writing type that can be further broken down into its numerous subcategories. Writing essays, poetry, fiction, stories, drama, plays, scripts, or lyrics all come under the umbrella of creating writing.

Even if you are not inclined to be a creative writer, you will be expected to show some creativity or your uniqueness in your content such as in your emails, your dissertations or research papers, or business proposals, and even in your daily text messages, you get your readers feel engaged. 

Professional Writing

Professional writing is about writing for a business proposal or writing something that serves your business needs, whether you own the business or are working as an employee. Examples of professional writing can be business emails, notes, meeting minutes, invoices, report writing, newsletter, etc.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is also known as scholarly writing is a part of academic or college assignments or work such as research papers and articles, essays, master theses all are forms of academic writings.

The main purpose of academic writing is to assist and enhance the understanding of the readers backed up by evidence. As students, you can get professional help from free essay writer services available online to assist you in crafting your own essays and academic assignments.

Content Writing

Content writing is a novel type of text writing that is written for web content such as blog posts, articles, scripts for podcasts and videos. It involves different processes such as planning, writing and editing of web content. The need for content writing has increased immensely in the last two decades.


Usually, copywriting is confused with content writing, but there is a difference between the two. Copywriting is a crucial element used in marketing and advertising. It is about creating a website content that is persuasive and engaging for the audience. The purpose of freelance copywriting services is to inspire and motivate the audience to buy the services or product they are promoting through social media posts, newsletter etc. 

Media Writing

Media writing refers to writing for online or writing for magazines and traditional papers. For media writing you need to be very professional in: writing objectively;news writing; fact-checking; sourcing and interviewing.


When it comes to sharpening your writing skill for any form of writing, it all comes down to practising a lot. You need to be well-organised and responsible about your writing practice.If you are passionate about harnessing your overall writing skills then you must not hold yourself back in trying out and learning all the forms of writing and don’t forget with fervent practice.

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