Know How To Hire A Security Guard In Canada

The demand for improved security measures by companies is on the rise in Canada. The main reason is obvious and straightforward. In today’s unsafe world, it’s critical for every business owner to take measures to protect their assets and ensure the safety of their staff. The type of business being run determines the level of security required.

In some cases, a couple of unarmed security guards is enough. In others, heavy security is a must-have. Even outside the business environment, homeowners who need to safeguard themselves and their assets from break-ins also need to engage a security firm.

Given the increased crime rate in some provinces, hiring a trained and reliable security guard is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Why Hire a Security Guard?

A security detail isn’t restricted to corporations, VIPs, celebrities or high-profile organizations. Anyone can benefit hiring a security firm as long as they feel that their physical safety and assets are threatened. For instance, a school located in a violent neighbourhood can be a prime target for vandals and robbers.

It won’t be enough to install security cameras or alarms to keep students and staff safe. The school board needs to ensure that it has the presence of mind to protect its campus. Thus, it should do so by hiring a local security firm with armed guards on site.

Security companies offer numerous benefits that include:

Protection against Physical Harm

Bodyguards are highly trained in various fields including self-defence, firearms, and martial arts. They know how to de-escalate a situation that threatens their clients physical safety. Often, a bodyguard may be the only thing standing between an unarmed subject and serious injury or death. Even if they don’t match a client’s assailants pound for pound, they have access to deadly weapons like pistols and rifles.

Awareness of Imminent Threat

Bodyguards protect their clients by using various techniques to assess the level of risk. Often, they use their experience and intuition to determine the real threat. Others go a step further by using technology to predict potential problems before they arise.

Visual Deterrence

Humans are wired to look for signs of authority. When criminals see a team of armed and well-dressed security guards walking towards them, they think twice before committing a crime. This is why security personnel are commonly seen patrolling malls, airports, and other public spaces. The sight of them also instils a sense of safety in members of the public.

Peace of Mind

Security guards don’t just protect their clients physically, they also provide emotional support. Whether their clients are employers or homeowners, these guards can offer them a sense of safety by simply being around. Their presence makes their clients feel secure knowing that they are surrounded by capable people who are there to help in case of an emergency.

The Hiring Process in Detail

Anyone who hires a security firm knows what they should expect. Some may even have first-hand as an ex-military or police officer. Nonetheless, in Canada, it’s always a good idea to hire a security firm that adheres to government regulations. To find one, follow the steps below:

Estimate the Budget

The first step is to determine how much will go into hiring a security firm. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-man security guard for a private property or a full-scale army of security personnel for a large company, having a budget is mandatory. Security firms in Canada have various pricing structures tailored to meet their client’s individual needs.

Some charge by the hour, with the lowest rate being Can$30. Their roles range from guarding homes and businesses to providing executive protection. Clients can hire personal security agents, security drivers, and personal bodyguards.

Identify the Right Security Team Based on Personal Lifestyle

After determining the budget, find the ideal bodyguard based on personal lifestyle. A high-profile client who travels regularly should hire security agents that can handle multiple functions in different locations. The multi-talented security agency can provide personal protection, bodyguards, and private investigators.

Decide the Ideal Physique for the Role

Bodyguards are often tall and muscular. This physique serves as a deterrent to most criminals as it makes them look intimidating. They are physically strong and mentally focused because of years of training and proper diet. Thus, they are always equal to the task to combat any threat that may arise.

On the other hand, some jobs require a slimmer physique to blend in with the crowd. This quality helps them to identify potential threats better and avoid drawing unwanted attention. Their casual appearance doesn’t affect their proficiency.

Research Private Security Licensing

One factor a client shouldn’t overlook is a security guard’s licence. This documentation shows that the individual has successfully completed the training and has the required skill to perform the job. A reputable security agency complies with federal and provincial regulations and provides mandatory in-house training to its employees.

Run a Background Check

As part of the evaluation process, clients must examine their prospective security details. This will help them to weed out individuals with criminal or violent histories. It also helps to ensure that their bodyguards are trustworthy and reliable. A simple online search using the subject’s name may be enough to unveil this information.

Examine the Skill Set

It isn’t enough to see a security guard’s performance on paper. Practical testing is imperative to verifying the professional’s skills. It is more reliable than certifications and testimonials alone. While on the job, prospective security details must go through a set of scenarios that include physical attack simulations. This test is crucial as it determines the guards’ ability to respond to different kinds of threats.


While hiring a security guard is common practice in Canada, it’s not as easy as it seems. Anyone who’s ever worked with a guard is aware that it takes more than appearance and physical strength to perform their duties. They require in-depth knowledge of the law and a keen ability to anticipate future problems.

The process outlined above ensures that clients get the right security personnel for the job. As long as clients adhere to the steps outlined, they can rest assured knowing that their physical safety and assets are well-guarded.

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