Know How To Make Neon Signs At Home In 3 Minutes

How to make neon signs at home?” is a common question for people learning about neon light. Making your neon sign is a relatively simple process that can be done in a few minutes. With a few supplies and a little bit of patience, you can create a beautiful and unique item for your space. 

1. Neon signs: What are they?

Traditional neon signs are made of flexible, sealed glass tubes filled with inert gas. Electricity is typically used to power the tubes bent and twisted into words or other forms.

How to make a neon light at home

When the gas is plugged in, electrons go through it, illuminating the atoms and producing a color depending on the types of gases used.

2. Why are neon signs so special?

Custom neon signs are smart advertising tactics that capture passersby’s attention by illuminating the windows and signage of cafes, bars, hotels, and theaters. These days, they’re also hanging in basements, dorm rooms, dens, home bars, and pretty much wherever else you want a bright flash of color.

Neon sign brightens up the space

Your name or a humorous term (like OMG!) can be written on neon signs. Additionally, they might be images, such as a kitten or a hamburger.  They are entirely customizable; you can make them as basic or sophisticated as you desire, depending on your personal preferences.

3. Why should you make your neon sign at home?

Making your neon sign at home has more benefits than you can imagine. Explore with us!

3.1 Cost

Like other do-it-yourself projects, creating a neon sign is far less expensive than purchasing one. A roll of LED strip lights costs less than $30, compared to several hundred dollars for a professionally created sign. If you want an eye-catching and fast product, you can order custom neon signs online at a suitable price.

3.2 Unleash your creativity

Always, creating something is more rewarding than purchasing it. You’ll feel proud of yourself when you place your sign on your wall.

Create homemade neon signs and light up your space

If you’re artistic, a neon sign from the store might not be sufficient to sate your creative need. And after finishing your first neon sign ideas project, you’ll probably be eager to make more.

3.3 Warranty

If you use the custom neon sign service, you will also receive warranty support from the manufacturer.

4. How to make neon signs at home?

Below, we will guide you to read 2 quick and convenient ways to make neon signs at home.

4.1 How to make a neon sign at home with EL wires?

  • On a few pieces of paper, scribble your idea down in pencil. The goal is to sketch your design as accurately and to the size that your desired sign will be as you can.
  • The simplest technique is to trace your design using string to discover how much wire you need.
  • Using wire cutters, trim the wire to the same length as the string.
  • As you print or sketch your preferred neon custom signs design, bend the wire in the manner recommended by that design. When you’re finished, the wire should have the exact shape you wanted. Before adding the EL wire, take your time to make sure that everything is configured correctly.
  • Use a hot glue gun to gently attach your neon light to the EL wire starting at the bottom (the part connected to the battery pack).
  • Depending on the size of your design and the length of the EL wire, you might want to start a few inches away from the battery pack so that it doesn’t just hang over the edge of your project. If it helps, match the string’s EL wire to it.
  • Move cautiously from one end of the wires to the other while using the glue gun.
  • Simply use scissors to remove any surplus neon light at the end of the design to stop lighting.

4.2 How to make a neon light at home online?

You can make the fake neon sign at home with rope or wire. But the aesthetics and durability of DIY neon signs cannot be guaranteed.

How to make neon lights at home with Orant Neon

Instead, you can use the custom neon sign service at Orant Neon. With this service, you can customize your neon sign in terms of logo, size, or color. From only 100 dollars, you have a unique product for yourself.

Besides, Orant Neon also offers free shipping for standard international orders. However, if you make an urgent purchase, this offer will not apply.

In conclusion, neon signs are a popular home decor item that can be made easily and quickly. With a few supplies and some basic knowledge, anyone knows how to make neon signs at home.

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