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Know More About macOS Big Sur

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macOS Big Sur has gained immense popularity because of its aesthetic design, intuitive interface, and powerful controls. It brings along a fresh look and widgets to the most advanced operating system. Before you download Big Sur, backup your system so that you can restore data if anything wrong happens. 

If your download stucks in between, you might need to check if enough storage is available or if your system supports this macOS version. Click here to find the complete information about downloading macOS Big Sur.

Let’s have an insight into the significant features that Big Sur brings along. 

For Better User Experience 

  • Updates Menu Bar

The menu bar has become taller and more transparent that allows the desktop picture to display from end to end. The larger pull-down menus make it easier to read the text due to more space between the lines. The brightness adjusts automatically, and text darkens and lightens according to the desktop picture.  

  • Lighter Window Appearance 

macOS Big Sur windows are lighter and more spacious, due to which they appear cleaner than before. The translucent windows with rounded edges create a cohesive look throughout macOS. The application icons are redesigned to give them a uniform shape, retaining the stylish look, appearance, and feel of the Mac. 

  • New Symbols & Signs 

Big Sur comes with new symbols in the sidebars, controls, and toolbars that add clarity and consistency to the operating system. For sharing common tasks like viewing Calendar or accessing inbox in Mail, the apps share the same symbol. Localized symbols are designed to match the system language as per the user’s location. 

  • Redesigned Sheets & Maps

You will see no borders and bezels on the Sheets so that you can focus more on the content. It auto-adjusts the background and positions in the center of the app. Moreover, Maps has been introduced with an all-new Guides feature that gathers location information from trusted sources to enable users to create their travel guides. 

  • Updated Notification Center

Notification Center is redesigned to store all the notifications and alerts into a consolidated and dedicated column. macOS Big Sur automatically sorts notifications based on the most recent ones. The Today widget delivers the latest information in real-time to keep the users updated at all hours of the day. 

  • Redesigned Widgets 

You will find brand-new as well as beautifully designed widgets for Weather, Calendar, reminders, Stocks, Podcasts, and Notes. The widgets come in different sizes and dimensions to make it easier for users to pick an appropriate one as per their requirements. The Edit Widgets feature allows you to add new widgets to the Notification Center.

For Improved Safari Experience

  • Customizable Start Page

You can customize Safari’s start page by setting a custom background image. The start page allows you to select and display new sections such as Favorites, Reading List, Siri Suggestions, iCloud Tabs, and Privacy Reports. Customization Controls enables you to rearrange sections on the start page in Safari. 

  • Improved Performance

Safari is considered the fastest browser that provides an unmatched web browsing experience. Optimized especially for Mac, Safari is the most efficient browser available on macOS. Power efficiency allows you to stream videos for more than an hour and surf the web for one hour in a stretch on a MacBook. While Apple continues to introduce great features, performance improvements are one of their priorities.

  • Extensions on App Store

The Extensions category on the App Store displays Safari extensions with top charts and an editorial spotlight to simplify discovering extensions from developers. All Safari extensions are reviewed and hosted by Apple for complete security. New support for WebExtensions API allows bringing Chrome extensions to Safari. 

  • Privacy Reports 

Intelligent Tracking Preventions allows identifying trackers to prevent them from following and profiling you around the web. You can see the privacy practices and information for each website you visit. Safari monitors your passwords securely and helps you to upgrade the existing passcodes or generate new passwords automatically.

For Efficient Messaging Experience

  • Special Effects in Message

On starting a new conversation, Big Sur gives you the option to share your name and photo. You can use an image, a monogram, or a Memoji for your photo. The Message allows you to reply directly to a message, even in a group conversation. You can celebrate special moments by adding confetti, lasers, lasers, and other elements. 

  • Memoji Editor and Stickers

Big Sur allows you to create a new Memoji or edit any existing Memoji that reflects your personality. You can create custom Memoji by selecting from a wide range of facial structures, hairstyles, headwear, and other features. You can express your emotions and thoughts by using automatically generated Memoji Stickers. 

  • Custom Emoji

You can give your messages an all-new appearance by creating custom emojis using different skin tones for each emoji. Face emojis, heart emojis, and other unique emojis will give you a different messaging experience. Moreover, you can add images and GIFs to your messages. 

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