Know Why Travelers Find Short Term Accommodations in Peterborough Highly-Ideal.

It goes without saying that travellers worldwide, especially in the UK, have to face many choices when they take a trip. One of them is when one has to find accommodation to book. Gone are the days when hotels were the only option. Nowadays, business and leisure travellers on a stretched trip prefer to stay in some of the most stunning short-term serviced accommodations. 

Typically, it is a space that is fully furnished, available for both long-term and short-term stays. However, there are several differences between hotels and serviced apartments. Understanding these differences will help you decide the most right stay option for your upcoming travel plan. So, let’s get started with understanding in depth. 


Hotel rooms, especially in confined areas like Peterborough, can be quite small. Without any doubt, large suites are available as well, but they always come at premium prices. Whereas short-term accommodation in Peterborough is an extraordinary, standard one, two, or more bedroom apartment, it comes with 50% more space than a typical hotel room. So ultimately, you have more space to work, spread around, relax, and live. 

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Price variations between hotels and studio apartments rise when the length of stay is considered precisely. We all are pretty much familiar with the fact that both short-term and long-term stays can be exorbitantly expensive, especially when you also look out for other features like in-house, kitchen, pool, or parking. On average, all these amenities cost you 30-50% less than the traditional boutique hotels. 


Another unique thing that is not that common with hotel rooms is the kitchen. Even if the hotel has a mini kitchenette, mostly it does not have the required amenities. While a serviced accommodation will have a fully equipped, full-sized kitchen, allowing you to prepare homemade meals and keep food and beverages well. Yes, you read it right! So you eat fresh, healthier and save money on dining out, too! 


Compared to the short-term apartments in Peterborough, Hotels are not always located around convenient and centralized locations. For instance, most of us prefer to find a stay around the nearest airport or metro station. Whereas serviced apartments are located around the suburbs and residential areas. No matter where you are, you will definitely have a stunning place to stay at. 


Many hotels offer little more than a hot shower, bed, dressing wardrobe, or small couch. This is something quite rare, only if you are lucky enough! However, short term accommodations are always fully furnished with routine upgraded furniture. As a traveller, you have everything you need to cook, live, and work. From laundry baskets to pans, and from pans to pots, along with the washing/dryer unit, they have got every request covered. 

Also, most of the amenities under such premium apartments with a regular price tag have a spa, bar, restaurant, pool, roof deck, terrace, service lobby, laundry facilities, and fitness centres. Last but not least, they also have WiFi that is most likely included in the serviced apartment reservation costs. Whereas many hotels around Peterborough and the rest of the UK sometimes charge extra for that too. 

Being an epicentre of food, culture, and entertainment, Peterborough has always been loved by travellers coming to the UK. Whether you are visiting for pleasure or business, the city’s passion, boundless energy, and drive are infectious. So why not make it more happening with affordable and comfortable short term accommodation in Peterborough. 


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