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Did you know that many fake websites pop up everyday for the purpose of luring netizens to their sites? Many of these websites offer products at huge discounts to make it seem like people are desperate to get their products. was one such website that was launched in the United States. This website has copied logos, trademarks and other contents from numerous websites.

We advise that you review the Koolenmall before buying any product at

Brief: has 244 products and is a brand new website. Most of these products relate to home furniture. Koolenmall content is stolen from multiple websites such as

The Koolenmall ‘About Us section is irrelevant, redundant, and generic. It talks about Koolenmall as a fashion retailer, selling fashionable items made by reputed brands.

Koolenmall has the following categories of items available on its website

  1. Furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Electronics
  4. Sports and outdoor
  5. Tools

Koolenmall has heavy electronic items, such as a double-door refrigerator 568 litres at $98.99. That clues is Koolenmall Legitand clarifies it is quoting falsely discounted prices to urge customers to buy immediate gratification.

Koolenmall makes use of Rally’s trademark and brand by including it in its logo. Rally is a very popular beer brand.


  • Buy furniture at:
  • Price between $98.99.
  • Social media Links:unspecified from Koolenmall
  • Physical Address at Koolenmall:unspecified
  • Customer reviews and blogs:not sponsored by Koolenmall.
  • Terms, Conditions:unspecified by Koolenmall
  • Privacy policy: discussed clearly on Koolenmall.
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number:only Contact Number is 079-1247 7533 on Koolenmall
  • Store locator at Koolenmall.
  • Koolenmall reviews at Help and FAQ. Unspecified on Koolenmall.
  • Delivery policy:unspecified on Koolenmall
  • Shipping Policy at Koolenmall:unspecified
  • Cancellation policy:unspecified on Koolenmall
  • Tracking is not possible on Koolenmall
  • Return policy:fourteen returns are accepted by Koolenmall.
  • Restocking fees:unspecified by Koolenmall
  • Refunds Policy: unspecified on Koolenmall
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Method of Payment:via PayPal only, in USD
  • Newsletters – User email can be used to subscribe to newsletters.


All bulky, expensive products on Koolenmall can be purchased at a low price of $98.99

  • Koolenmall allows for proper product description as well as image illustration
  • Koolenmall’s interface is user-friendly and offers filtering, searching, sorting and sorting options.
  • Koolenmall reviews you have a choice of clours and variants of the same item on Koolenmall
  • Koolenmall has a wide selection of 244 products across a variety of categories


  • In the absence of email addresses and physical addresses, it is very difficult to contact Koolenmall customer services
  • Koolenmall only offers the PayPal payment option
  • Koolenmall has four credit card options, contradicting payment methods
  • Important policies, such as shipping, delivery and cancellation, refunds etc. are not listed on Koolenmall
  • Pricing of all expensive products at unrealistic Koolenmall prices
  • Koolenmall contains no information about guarantee and warranty

Is Koolenmall a Legit HTML3_

  • Koolenmall Creation – 29 May 2022 at 17.04:38
  • Koolenmall – 11 days old
  • Koolenmall. Last updated at: May 29, 2022, 17:04:41.
  • Koolenmall expiry: 29th of May 2023 at 23.59.59
  • Koolenmall’s life expectancy isexpires after eleven months or nineteen days.
  • Trust Index Koolenmall obtained a Trust Index score of 1%.
  • Business Rank:Koolenmall was awarded a Business Rank number of 14.2%.
  • Source of Origin:Koolenmall registered in the US.
  • Status Of Blacklisting – Koolenmall was not blacklisted.
  • SSL StatusitsIP is a valid SSL certification.
  • Threat Profile76%
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 21%.
  • Phishing Score67%
  • Koolenmall of Malware Score 45%
  • Spam Score76%
  • Contact person:unspecified, Koolenmall
  • Connection Security.Koolenmall utilizes a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Social Relations: Koolenmall has not been added to social media.
  • Owner’s contact information and identity: Koolenmall uses internet censorship to hide the owner’s identity and contacts.

Customer Reviews:

Koolenmall has received two YouTube reviews and four website comments. Koolenmall is also ranked Zero Alexa. We recommend you To Avoid Scams, Learn More About PayPal Rackets

Koolenmall is not able to support product reviews. Customer reviews and ratings are not available on any other sites such as social media or reviewing sites.


Koolenmall reviews concludes that a Scam. The customer is not notified of their delivery. We don’t recommend Koolenmall due to the lack of customer reviews or ratings. Koolenmall failed to score well on Trust Score and Alexa Ranking. Also, Koolenmall scored poorly on Trust Score, Business and Alexa Ranking. It is strongly recommended that you learn more about Credit Card Rackets to avoid being scammed.

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