Acne is a far more common skin problem than we would like to believe. When acne appears it can be painful. After it settles, it leaves behind marks and pigmentation that can be extremely difficult to deal with. No matter how many different products you try, sometimes these scars are so deep that they aren’t targeted the way they should be. To achieve more flawless skin, you should consider undergoing acne scar removal Toronto. Many different treatment options are available to tackle this skin concern. Laser treatments have become a really popular choice. This is because they can target the various layers of the skin, which helps in collagen generation. Following are some of the laser treatments you can consider for your acne scars.

Erbium Laser

If you have mild or moderate scarring, an Erbium laser is a great option. You need to undergo this laser treatment several spaces apart. During the treatment, controlled ablation is provided to the very fine layer of skin. This helps resurface the appearance of the scar. It is well suited for individuals with lighter skin tones. Those who have darker skin types should speak to a professional before undergoing this treatment. With Erbium laser treatment, it is recommended to take 2 to 4 days off from your routine to allow your skin to recover.

IPL Laser

IPL Laser is a suitable option when there is mild acne scarring as suggested by dermani Medspa. It can successfully reduce the appearance of the discolouration and pigmentation that is left behind by acne. This type of laser treatment is extremely tolerable. It works to restore a more cohesive and blemish-free skin. Whenever you are undergoing acne or acne scar treatment, it is key to note that more acne breakouts have to be avoided. The results need to be maintained. You can do this by having a great skincare regime and following through with it. Acne scar treatments vary from person to 

person. The results would be based on your goals and the scarring present. When you are undergoing any laser treatment, it is crucial to be patient as it takes a while for results to show.

CO2 Laser

This is the most aggressive laser treatment. It can easily target the toughest and deepest acne scars including icepick, V-shaped or atrophic and hypertrophic. Only one treatment is usually enough to banish the scars. The laser reaches the deepest layers of the skin, making it a far superior treatment. During the treatment, tiny microscopic holes are made across the surface. When these holes are made, the tissue around it is left intact as it helps in faster healing. The CO2 laser removes the upper layer of the skin, which makes it easier to target the acne scars at a deeper level. Once the skin resurfaces it will be more evenly matched. You will begin to see changes in your skin within 7 to 10 days as it starts to heal. You will be able to see the complete results in about 6 months when the new collagen has been generated.

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