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How Did Thompson Die?

Lawshawn Thomson, a jailed inmate, was eaten alive by a bug. Thompson’s attorney claims that he was in a filthy cell and his life was at risk. He was discovered dead in prison on September 13, 2022. The family is demanding an investigation into the death. Michael D. Harper stated that Thompson had been held in custody on a charge of simple misdemeanor assault. Since June, Thompson has been held in custody. Reddit also made his death viral.

How was the cell?

Various reports claim that Thompson’s cell is not suitable for living in. The conditions in which he was kept were very poor. The cell was full of bugs and insects. It was also covered in dust. Thompson, who was over 35 years of age, also suffered from a mental issue. Thompson’s cell was photographed. These photos revealed the real environment of the cells, which was disturbing. Thompson’s corpse was also in a filthy condition. Thompson’s family is demanding justice.

Sources claim that the pictures of Thompson’s cell proves he was in an unclean cell. The cell was a mess. The lawyer said that Thomson did not deserve to be in a cell with no animal. Thompson’s family has also demanded justice for the effects of Thompson. The images of the cells also make people feel disturbed. People are talking about the cell since the pictures of the cell went viral. Several people have criticised the careless behaviour of jail authorities. Some people have stated that each jail cell must be suited to its inmates. After the death of Thompson, Fulton Countyjail is trending. The same jail was where Thompson died from poor conditions.

Reactions of family members

Thomson’s death saddens his family. After learning of Thompson’s situation, his brother was deeply saddened. Everyone was affected by this. The situation has also angered family members. The images of Thompson’s cell shocked the brother. The Sheriff’s office announced that an investigation had been launched after spreading the news of Thompson’s death. The body of Thompson was sent to be autopsied. The Department also approved a sum of $500,000 for the cleaning of the jail. Authorities have placed a high priority on removing bugs and insects. Thompson was only in agony for three months following his arrest. Many criticize the fact that authorities only took necessary steps following his death.


Thompson’s death revealed the filthy conditions of the prison. Images of the jail went viral on social media. The jail authorities did not sanction money for cleaning the jail until after Thompson’s death. For more information about please click the link

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