Latest Hogwarts News!! Simon Pegg confirmed as Headmaster Black in Hogwarts Legacy

Simon Pegg is about to enter the Hogwarts universe, as he’s all set to voice the character of Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black in Hogwarts Legacy.

The character is the great-great-grandfather of Sirius Black. Don’t expect him to show any of Sirius’ qualities, however. Pegg has described the character as Hogwarts’ all-time “least popular” Headmaster.

The latest Wizarding World game has stuck to its tendency to reveal its characters on Twitter. The game is set a full century prior to Harry potter’s adventures, and will feature characters many fans will know by name, but that will also be new faces to the franchise. Those faces include the new Headmaster, who had only appeared in portraits before Hogwarts Legacy.

So what role do the players perform?

Players get to create their very own student and go on their own magical quest. They can customize their characters and learn myriad spells through various classes. They can also take part in magic duels, tame fantastic beasts, and design their Room of Requirement.

In the books, the unwilling and grumpy Phineus appears in portrait form hanging in the office of Professor Dumbledore, who reluctantly helps to send a message to his twin portrait. The game reveals how he earned such a terrible reputation in Hogwarts lore.

The Headmaster – Friend or Foe?

With Phineas as the Headmaster, there are multiple implications for the Hogwarts Legacy. One such implication is a confrontational relationship between the Headmaster and the player, as opposed to a beneficial one. Essentially, that means that the player will need to advance in the game while working against the Headmaster. 

As the Unforgivable Curses have been confirmed to feature in Hogwarts Legacy, and that players are able to use them if they wish, Phileas’ position as the Headmaster suggests that the game may be reveling in the darker tones of Harry Potter. 

Simon Pegg is known for his role in the classic cult show Spaced, as well as for film roles in the Mission Impossible franchise, Star Trek, Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead. He’s also performed voice roles in other video games, including Star Trek, Star Wars: Battlefront, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Fable 3.

So Who Else Is Voicing the Characters?

The news revealed further good news for fans, as it was confirmed that Luke Youngblood will return to the franchise to voice Ravenclaw Everett Clopton. Youngblood had previously appeared in the Harry Potter films as Lee Jordan.

Also starring are Lesley Nicol (Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress Professor Matilda Weasel), Kandace Cain (Professor Onai), and Sohn Kapila (Astronomy Professor Satyavati Shah). 

Hogwarts fans can make the most of the upcoming game by accessing a walkthrough online from EIP Gaming. And they don’t have to wait to use it either. Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 It will later be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 4, and on Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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