Lawyer’s Advice You Must Follow to Win a Car Accident Case

The most important thing that you should consider when it comes to filing a car accident lawsuit is avoiding common mistakes. These can reduce the likelihood that an innocent victim will be able to recover their full compensation. Getting the help of an experienced attorney can help you to win maximum compensation after an accident.

1. Tell the Truth

When it comes to filing a car accident lawsuit, telling the truth is crucial. This is because juries are usually looking for people who are trustworthy to help win. Getting caught lying about past injuries can be damaging to a case. If you lie about your injuries, pre-existing conditions, or the cause of the accident, it can have catastrophic consequences. It can also make the defense attorney’s job easier.

2. Stay Off of Social Media

If you are planning on filing a car accident lawsuit, you should stay off of social media. You should set all of your social media accounts to private. It’s important to note that lawyers and insurance adjusters are now more likely to look at your posts on social media to see if they can hurt your case. They’re looking for ways to show that you aren’t as injured as you claim.

3. Remember Surveillance is Everywhere

Keep in mind that the insurance companies may have you under surveillance at various times during your case. This usually involves investigators who are monitoring your activities. Sometimes, an insurance company will use this technique to try and show that you are not as severely injured as you were when the accident happened. They are hoping that by doing this, they can catch you doing something that you have already claimed is impossible to do. Being caught will destroy your case. 

4. Don’t Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer’s Approval

You should never sign any documents that are presented to you by an insurance company or the claims adjuster unless you have first talked to your lawyer. These documents can often contain language that will prevent you from filing a lawsuit. Doing so could allow the insurance company to take away your legal right to sue.

5. Follow Doctor’s Orders

If you plan to sue after a car accident, it’s important to follow any orders your doctor has given you. Doing so will allow you to get the necessary treatment and improve your chances of winning in court. Following your treatment plan also deprives the insurance company and its claims adjusting company of a “reason” to argue that you are not as severely injured as you claim. Gaps in treatment can also help a defense attorney argue that you aren’t as severely injured as you claim.

6. Preserve Evidence

In car accident cases, preserving crucial evidence is important to winning a case. This includes any potential product liability claim, as well as any claims involving defective airbags or seatbelts. In most cases, the evidence that will be presented to the court includes photos and videos of your injuries, as well as various other items related to your treatment. 

Winning a car accident case will be easier when you follow these tips. Having an experienced lawyer will ensure everything is done in a way that ensures the best possible outcome. 

Christopher Stern

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